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He likes fast cars...but he's going alil too fast for me!

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Forgive me if this topic comes off as a "duh" to most of you, but I need reassurance of what I'm thinking.


I just met a very promising young man less than two days ago. He's 24, handsome, with a Pre-law/science under his belt. He's a step up from the men I've been with, but there seems to be one flaw I'm not sure I'm suppose to accept.


The first time we met in person, *we met online 3 times to chat*, we had a great conversation about various topics. Well after 45mins, he inched in and gave me a kiss, which I accepted. From there, every 15 mins. another kiss would turn up. Well the flaw, in my eyes, was he became a little too aggresive when wanting more than a kiss. I don't mean he started to fight and swing, but "no" wasn't in his vocabulary. It literally became a mental fight with him to get through to him that no more was taking place.


It's not like I was teasing him *unless kissing is teasing*, or wearing anything provacative..just a tshirt and jeans that didn't match lol, and he hasn't seen anything "sexy" of me picture-wise or have I said anything verbally alluring. All I want to know is...did I bring that upon myself? Should I let him go? What happened? LOL I feel so naive now....

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I don't get it...was he like forcefully kissing you or something? Maybe he's surprisingly never had a date and is desperate to get laid...you never know .


Maybe he was just happy a girl actually liked him (or did haha) and thought you gave him the ok.


It's not really entirely his fault that guys have the idea of women flirting with them prewired in our brains as the "OK".

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