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We talked and I think things might go OK

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Well, I went and did it. I talked to my ex on friday and we went out for coffee. Pretty much the first real contact I've had with her since last September. We talked about basically life over the past year and that she's moving etc.


So far, she's cool with being friends. She even gave me her new phone number, which I tried today and it was the real deal.


Last night at our Car Club Post Show shindig, she was a little "iffy". Meaning one minute she was cool with talking to me, the next minute she was ignoring me. She probably wouldn't have said goodbye to me if I hadn't said anything. I did walk her to her car and we talked for another 10 minutes and I just outright told her that I'm being sincere, I'm not out to play games, I just want to bridge the gap between us and be friends. And, once again she was all cool to talk again.


Personally, I think she's still trying to figure the whole situation out, but I found it a little odd and maybe hurtful that before I said anything.... she went and said goodbye to a friend of mine, but not me. Perhaps I'm merely over-reacting.


We have made unofficial plans to see eachother once more this week to chit-chat and say goodbye. She's taking off for the coast later this week.


The last day or so, I've been feeling a little better about things. I do still care about her, and I want her to be happy. She might be pretty simple, but she's got a big heart. All in all, I'd say I did OK probably did the right thing and so forth and so forth.

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I'm honestly going through the same thing right now...trying to bridge a good friendship back with my ex who I dated about a year ago.


She might be feeling a bit uncomfortable and trying to protect her feelings but I don't think it's anything bad but being natural.


I kind of got that sense from my ex as well as I found out today she's single...well, when I asked there was a bit of a pause but I started talking about different things and not let her feel pressured for anything as I am not looking to date her at this time...


That's what I think...guess we're on the same boat

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We're supposed to work on her car this week (electrical problems). I called her today from work and let her know my schedule. She said she'd call back in the next day and let me know hers.


Guess the ball is in her court now. We'll see where it goes. But you're right, over the last 2 days, she has been somewhat neutral. Hasn't shown me much emotion but I can get her to laugh and joke n' stuff. Last night when I said a few thing's I got what to me sounded like a very sincere "aww, that's sweet. Thank you."


I just want to be friends. I have enough enemies, I don't need past lovers as enemies.

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LOL funny you mention about her car because my ex's Eclipse had numerous problems and I've always fixed simple things that I could and she was asking me today...


When I called her and left a message I just let her call me now unlike the past. I've learned my lesson...


I'm sure she'll be fine with some time given...it took my ex nearly a year to feel comfortable enough to contact me in the email, phone and hanging out again. Friendship is just too great to lose...


I hate past lovers as enemies as well. There's wayyyy too many I'd rather not deal with.

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