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i think me and her are missing out on what we should have

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sry its so long


ok to start off i met this girl from one of my friends, she goes to a differnt school and shes 13, im 15, i told my friend i like her and it turns out she thought i was very attracktive, so i figured that was good and hopefully we would proly get something going between us. so i started talking to her more, and she seems to like having conversations with me, she laughs and has a good time, we hang out with the same group of people every friday and sometimes saturdays so isee her once or twice a week, we talk alot on aim tho otherwise.

the problem is i feel like we both should be together rite now but were not. back when i found out she thought i was attractive i asked her to hook up (to clear that up it means make out) she said that she would that she wanted to also but we never did, when we are with the group theres very little times when she comes and sits near me or comes to me by herself she usualy stay with her friends. i think she may be shy but mayb she really might not like me that much, but yet she still talks to me alot aand seems to like me. i asked her again if she still wanted to whhen we were on aim and her response was "lol i dont care" i just ended the convo there because i didnt feel like saying more, but now we just hang out like usualy as if we never expressed our likeness for eachother, what to do now, i still like her, i would want to go out with her, please help

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firstly, if you like her and want a relationship with her, don't just go and ask her to hookup!! what that's saying to her is "i think youre hot, so lets get physical." it sounds like she likes you, so try to get to know her better and instead of saying "lets hookup" ask her if she wants to go out one on one to the movies or something one night. if she says yes, thats a clear indicator that she is interested in getting to know you. youre probably putting her on the spot and making her feel awkward by just asking her to makeout with you.

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