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kinda very long sorry!!!

Im kind of stuck and dont know what to do... Me and my g/f (??) have been together for about 7 months no. everything was so good for us few problems that could be sorted an we did. got through stuff and got stronger and closer together. But me even though all i try to do is make her happy alwayz mess up. Iv done alot of crap to mess with her felings i suppose.


Keep getting into trouble and she doesnt know if im going to be staying or going. Keep getting in trouble with the police. I have 2 court cases i have to attend to. And recently i got suspended from school again. Trouble is my best friend. i dont go looking for it comes chasing after me.


Well she says she couldnt take it anymore and wanted to finish everyhting she couldnt be bothered. to much hurt and pain. But i was convinced we could sort it out and i thought we did. Had a long talk on friday cleared everything up sorted all little and big problems out. everything was ok. i knew something was up but i diidnt let it bother me. saturday everything good didnt tak much in the day then talked for about 8 hours until the morning of sunday. went sleep for couple hours and woke up and talked again. i seriously thought everything was fine but guess i was wrong.


Around about in the evening she says she doesnt feel the same. and she could explain why. She says she doesnt love me or even like me. and i dont know what to do. shes asking me what to do. now i stopped talking to her im going to see her tomorrow. im convinced she wants to finish it but i know she wont cause itll hurt me to much. she wants me to do it.. i see this not being solved. and in my life i have nothing else good right now. was only her. and if she goes im alone once again.dont want that. please help i dont know what to do....im going to talk to her tomorrow what shall i say. she says she wants things to be the way they used to be soo good. what do i do?

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I'm not sure how old you are but to me it sounds like she's trying to protect her feelings. She may care about you and love you but if she's been hurt so many times like you said she just may need time away to heal.


And to get her back, is to prove to her you're worth dating...you may feel that your life is going nowhere but getting in trouble with the authorities and the school doesn't help it either. If you do talk to her, tell her how you feel but the best bet is to prove to her even if it takes time you really care & love this girl & why she should be with you


Good luck man...I've been there...used to get busted a lot when I was younger for doing just stupid things.

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