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How long do crushes last?

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Think I have had a crush for seven years.

firstly never had the chance to ask her out always got a relationship often has gaps but can never find out when she is "single". Now she is engaged and I low between pure love and anger for some reason , she knows how I feel and I know she definetly finds me attractive.

I dont want to like her and thier are girls I know who are alot more attractive than her but I dont know Im sort of obsessed. Many a time have I said im going to ignore her/stop thinking of her. Then when I see her its back again.

On one particular occasion I have cried knowing that nothing (this is the truth I am embarrassed as I never cry for physical pain and ussually only on the death of a relative) will happen and basically having my head rubbed in the relationships of two of my male friends (who will go unnamed) who insist on always having thier girlfriends do stuff with us while I walk around with them like a lemmon.

Its eating me up and Im becoming an angry person I lash out at people know when I am ussualy very considerate. Any advice just needed to say it or it may come out amongst friends.

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Ok. Are you saying that for 7 years, there was no monent when she was single? I think you are just saying that to yourself to make yourself feel better because you never got the courage to ask her out. If so,THEN WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? GO ALREADY!


You are 16? This girl is getting engaged.. how old is she?


Start dating other girls. Start getting HOBBIES and get your life together. Go to the gym and get in shape. Whatever.


As far as your friends go, just ignore them on the relationship subject. You dont need a girlfriend just to fit in with them. Start dating many chicks and THEY will get jealous of you.

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Thanks lads,

Just reading other topics and thought why should I fit into other people's ideas. Im going to ask a girl out on tuesday and just basically have loads of fun and make jokes which is my speciality. My friends can bugger off there tied down with relationships and I can do what I want and be happier for it. She is also 16 very odd think current boyfriends a bit older than her she has not gone out with him long.

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she knows you like her and she does nothing? She doesn't like you. Isn't that enough? If you need more verification, ask her out! If she doesn't want to, you know then. If someone doesn't like you, why should you obsess and cry after someone like that?


Think about it, she's nothing like perfect, put her down from her pedestal! She's not any better than you are, if she doesn't want to be with you, her loss! It's the time you walk away and meet some really sweet girls and stop crying after that one. Really, just go and find new chick friends, there's plenty of fish in the sea. Meeting with new girls is the most effective way there is, do it.

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Thanks M.

decided two minutes ago not going to try its not worth it. Were leaving school in a few weeks going to talk to her and get rid of it its held me back too long. Im just honestly going to try and have fun and stop trying to fit in with certain guidelines.

I know that she is not better than me I am getting over confidence issues but have started talking to girls/ teasing with them. fee quite good know acctualy.

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O wow you should ask her out seriously, Im gonna aska guy i've liked for a long time (3 year crush) out on a date in a little while lol, notice I don't know when he he.

If you know that she likes you, even if you don't just think if you don't go for it you've lost chances of a yes, but if you do go for it wiether she said yes or no you've lost nothing because you took a risk and for sure know the anwser, it's starting to punch me in the direction I want to be in at this moment, maybe it'll work for you.

good luck.


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Asked a girl out from school when I was in town she said yeah and I cant believe it going out to do something on friday. I honestly feel better and probably like this girl more now than the one I was "obsessed" with. This has boosted my confidence although it was pretty hard to go and tslk to her with the task of asking her out.


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