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big inner lips

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when i was younger i would finger myself about 3 times a week and now my vagina lips are big; when i look down all i see is wrinkled skin not a cute little vagina like i see on some girls..like the inner lips bulge out and the very edges are darker.. would a guy find this offensive? or gross? or weird?


im about to have sex for the first time in a couple of months and i am completely ready for it in my mind i am just a little uncomfortable about the way my vagina looks..otherwise i really cannot wait to do it


would anyguys be even slightly put off by this or am i just worried about nothing...to any girls: do your vaginas look like this?





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Haha, believe me, some guys do NOT care.

I am sure that if he's down there, he will not stop if your "lips are too big"

besides, that means there's more to pleasure him with.. right??


If you have sex with a guy that respects you.. than he shouldn't care, and should find your vagina "cute" no matter how it looks.


Don't worry about it..


I mean, you could have been stuck with a penis.. and they can be VERY annoying at times.. look on the bright side, haha.

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The fact that you fingered yourself has nothing to do with the actual aspect of your vulva. In fact, every girl has a different kind of vulva. Some gus like big inner lips, some others like small iner lips, but I can bet you something, no guy will find it ugly.

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First of all just because you fingered yourself when you were younger doesnt mean that you cause your vulva to look the way it does now. This is a common misconception and has no basis in rational thought.


Yes there are going to be guys who are put off by a large labia minora, people have tastes and preferences. Its not something you really need to worry about, its just the way you are.

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Why worry about something you cannot fix?

Be proud.


I seem to be the Devil's Advocate in all my posts here, but... here we go again.


This is actually something that many women commonly worry about. MSNBC had a front page story about it a few days back. Apparently, this is a very popular form of plastic surgery (where the inner lips are reduced and the outer lips are puffed up).


Here is the link:


link removed



Not saying you need surgery, your post just reminded me of the article. Personally, I agree that it is nice to have very little inner lips exposed.

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I was so insecure about my vagina that for years it prevented me from being physical with people. Then my boyfriend saw it and could not get over how beautiful he found it... said he could not imagine a more perfect vagina. I think your vagina is probably very, very beautiful and a good man will treasure it.

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