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Ok, I've been split up for 8 weeks now, after 2 years. I'm feeling ready to go and meet some new guys, and have some fun dating (no long term relationships for the time being! hehe) However, I can't help but feel that this might be slightly on the rebound, I couldn't tell you if it was. Well, here's how I feel about my ex:


- I don't want to get back with my ex, I've seen another side of him I don't really like much.


- I'd be happy for him if he got another girlfriend, not upset or resentful.


- I don't run around after him trying to get back together with him, or trying to force him to be friends with me.


Am I actually over him and ready to date new people? Or should I watch what I'm doing, or give it some more time?


Help me out people!

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I don't think you can set a specific time frame for these things, it depends oin the individual. If you are ready - go for it. But if on a d ate you find yourself comparing the new guy to your ex a lot, then you may need more time.

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I don't think you should worry too much. The only bad thing you could do is to start seeing one person and then really hurt them by pulling out with no explanation. Having a few nights out is not a sin - and if they happen to be flirting and kissing with others then sure get in there and enjoy! Just be careful with sex. It sounds silly but be really careful - after a long relationship sex with someone else might be a spark that throws you off balance, so play it cool and see where it all leads...

Good luck - it's 1 week till iv been broken up for 2 months - wish I were as confident as you, you sound great! xx

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I think it would be fine for you to meet new people now. Go ahead and take it slow, nice and light, you may find that you feel a setback when you first begin to date another person, as it may resurface old feelings about you ex.


As someone else here on the forum said on another thread about another topic, "proceed with cautious optimism!"

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