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my ex is driving me crazy! someone please help!

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k so heres the deal...for about a week or 2 my ex talked to me everynight for at least like 3 hours on the computer and he was so nice and friendly and it was like old times...since then ive talked to him a few times but hes been kinda abrupt and not as friendly and i dk why. he wsa the 1 that initiated the contact a few weeks ago so i dk why he stopped it all of a sudden. do u guys think its cas maybe he was starting to feel feelings for me agian or what?? i'm doing NC now in part to make him miss me but mostly to get my life back, u know.


ive got another question too...if u KNOW, and when i say know i mean have evidence that ur ex still cares about u a lot and misses u and questions themselves do u give up on it or what? do u guys think doing NC first and then being friends is a good way to reconcile? i need ur advice, thanx!!

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