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My friend want me dead

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The other day my friend told me that she would rather that i got cancer than continue to be how i am. I dont even know why. I leave her alone. I dont even talk to her bout my problems anymore. She was my best and only friend. She said she would always be there. No what? its obvious no1 wants me.

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Hey Finch,


I have followed you around for a bit here, and I know you are depressed. If she meant 'well', I think she meant that she thinks she'd be better in helping you if you were seriously ill than so depressed.


It can really be very very hard for people to deal with depression in the other person. I have been out of contact for almost a year with one of my best friends because she felt she was too responsible for me. She didn't know how to deal with my constant feelings of uselesness, etc.


I don't know your friend. I don't know the circumstances. I just know that a lot of friendships don't survive depression. Maybe she felt really powerless at that moment.


Normally, do you talk mainly about you or about her, or equally?



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A lot of friendships will be affected by depression- but there are friendships where the persons are connected strongly enough. Don't give up on her. If she's your best mate- just talk to her. Maybe something bad happened to her in those days and she really needed you.


Does she respond to email? Keep on asking what's bothering her. And you can totally be honest about how saying something like this makes you feel.

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we talk about her. We used to talk equally but then she stopped even asking me how i was. If friendships dont survive depression then it is a very nasty cycle, one which i do not wish to be part of any longer.


friendships DO survive depression im still REALLY REALLY close to my frend and he is SOOOOOOOOO depressed we r supposed to go sumwhere tomorrow actully


but dnt kill urself over one stupid person if u like u can IM me n we can talk there idc(i dnt care)

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