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Help! i still love my x n he is my boyfriends best friend!!!

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I have been with my boyfriend now for over a month now, yes i love him but i think i am still not over my ex....Since i broke up with my ex a month ago after 3 days cuz i though he did not love me and was simply using me to have sex and also because i liked another guy whom was his best friend...


But the day after i broke up with him his best friend, Karl, asked me out, he is now my present boyfriend...but the problem is i never got a chance to rilly get over my ex...

I loved my ex even though he was using me and im am doubting i might still love him even though the favor is not returned...i dont know what to do with this miss placed love...what sud i do?

I wish i cud get back with my ex but i dearly love my boyfriend aswell...but just this morning i was talking to my bf n he said if i cheated on him with his best friend he wud kill me first not his friend!! Although my bf might somewhat think i still love my ex, he is somewhat worried i might cheat on him...

I dont rilly blame my bf cuz everytime i see my ex i wish i cud just simply run into his arms but i cannot and i find him soo iresistable....

I dont want my bf to worry about me beiing unfaitful, cuz hes such a great guy but i cant stop thinking about my ex...


What do i do about my ex?

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Are you sure you love your ex? You were only with him for three days right? Maybe what's going on is that you're not over your ex, but I doubt that you could be in love after such a short while, with either of these boys. And dating your ex's best friend when you still like your ex is a recipe for disaster. My advice is if you're not 100% sure you want to be with your current bf, then break things off. At least give yourself time to get over your ex before jumping into another relationship. I see that you are only 13 and you are already having sex? And you are already jumping from one guy to another? SLOW DOWN...there is plenty of time left in your life to date a whole variety of guys but sometimes you need a break, space to figure out what you really want...I suggest you take time off from both of these guys so you can figure that out.

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Your pretty young to be dealing with stuff like that! Just dont cheat on your present bf, if u want to get with your ex break up with your current bf. Never be in a situation where you would be "cheating".


I can't believe these guys are best friends and one asked u out after it didn't work out with HIS BEST FRIEND, if u do this ur bound for trouble and no best friend.

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