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experimental sex

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my fiance nd i are tryin to experiment with anal sex at the moment, we are both very keen and curious. the main problem we have found is that i find it slightly painful and so i tend to push him out. we want full anal sex and to go all the way but this problem is gettin in the way of that. we ave tried usin plenty of lubricant but no luck! any ideas to make it more pleasure and less pain???

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Warm up with something smaller. Get him to use his fingers (or something about the same size?) before you try full on anal sex. When your comfortable with something smaller, try him again. Take it slowly though. If your serious about trying it, give it some time otherwise you'll only end up hurting yourself in the long run.

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Their are involuntary muscles in your anus that need both patience and time to relax. That is why using something smaller like fingers and so on to start can help you ease into it.


I know you are using LOTS of lube, but use LOTS more...if you think you have enough, add more.


Take your time and relax, coordinate his entering you slowly with you breathing and relaxing...don't get nervous and tighten up as it will just cause more hurt. Make sure he is patient, he may have to at times just hold completely still when you ask him too....when you start going slowly and bit by bit can really help a lot.


When he starts to get past that second muscle is when it usually will hurt...trust me and just BREATHE through it for about 10 seconds once he is past it and honestly, the pain goes away and then the pleasure (at least for me) kicks in.


Once the pain subsides you will find he can go full in and move around/stroke without any pain for you.


Generally over time anal gets easier and not painful at all in the start, but it takes time and with a big gap between it may be painful again first time. But, I find anal very enjoyable and worth it, I have very intense orgasms this way.

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This is what my boyfriend suggested to me... and it seems to have worked well.


To start out, lie on your sides facing the same way... spooning each other... Have him pressed up against you... not inside but right there. YOU push back against him, so that way you can control the speed and depth. It works out very well. Just take it slow to start with and relax yourself... just enjoy.

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Use lots and lots of lube and another thing, since you're new to it, dont do it in the doggystyle position, it can really hurt and its really uncomfortable in the sense that your anus is not shaped like a vagina, its most curvy. You can let him start by using his fingers to loosen you up.

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