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Okay this may seem quite simple to some, but to me its a lil hard. I need to know the main ways guy will show a girl they like them.


Like how will their voice be?

How will they talk differently to you?

What type of body language will they use?



That kinda stuff. I've been friends with this guy since I was in the 2nd grade and I told myslef that I would never find myself liking this guy, and now its like woah I like this guy! So yeah most say you will marry your best friend and we are good friends. So I don't know.


Please help me out. You guys are awesome. Thanks!

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If they're shy they often talk like a mumble and really quiet and they don't sound confident, even though they probably are and your just really hot or something and they can't talk lol.


Or if they're not, they're voice can be cheerful a bit loud and enthusiastic(right word? ). It's kind of what some women do to get attention, they're really loud, annoying, and need to stop trying too hard to get noticed by a certain guy.


Well since guys never really use very much CLEAR body language like girls do...well you never know. Teasing (making fun of you in a fun, playful way). When you walk by him or something, guys can puff their chests out so they look taller. Some guys can act all laid back (not really acting some guys do this -- like myself) and be all relaxed, it's easiest to notice when you come near him and he does this or if you look at him and he does this. Well, not really sure why I do it, I guess it makes me feel more comfortable around a certain girl I might be interested in.



Oh yeah, and just wondering, how do girls just decide they like their best friend? .

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Okay well hes a mumbler, hes always been a mumbler. Hes always talking to me I mean hes my friend. Ever since we met hes made joke about me, and all that kinda stuff. Then he sorta did it this year, but not as much. He just seemed more like intrested?? maybe... this guy can read me like a kindergarden book. I have know idea how he does it, but he does. Hes always making fun of me for being short and he will be like hey remember when we were ._____ and now ____ that kinda thing. Hes always making fun of me for my english hertitage. Something, but he makes me laugh, I love it, and I love they way he can read me.



Okay the best friend thing. Well in my case it took me a while. I don't know how it works, but i mean I never thought I would like him, never. In the past two years though I dunno I just kinda started to like him, it wasn't a lot, but then more and more. Being friends for so long and knowing eachother and stuff, he has everything I want in a guy. I just realized that too. Just something I fell into.


Its just hard to tell since I have know him for so long that I mean yeah... i don't know.



Yeah... thanks..

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Friends... If it were me, if i have a friend whom i'm friends with for... what... 10 years... I assume she knows that I'm not into her. Cause I would expect her to know that if i have any interest in her, I would have called her out to a date long time ago. But who knows, I don't have enough information to judge it.


If you really want to know, you can test it out by saying you have a crush on someone. See how he reacts to it.

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OKay heres the thing, I will try the crush thing when I see him.


Though we have been friends since2nd but not like best friends, just friends. We were ALWAYS in the same classes, I dont know how that worked but thats how it was. So that how we keep in touch and I might call him once or twice a summer before school started again to see how hes doing a stuff. Thats about it though.


He does have a cell phone now and I could call him to see if he wanted to hangout at the mall or something. I just don't know what I would say. I don't want it to sound like a date either, i just want to hang with him outside of school and get the chance to know him outside of it and for him to get to know me outside of school.



Before school was out he asked me if I could burn him a cd. So since i stole his phone and put my number in it before that, I told him to call me and remind me. He gave me this face like, woah call you i dunno what to say kinda face. The face that girls might get if we talk to a crush and totally embarrased ourselves or something, like redish pale kinda thing lol. So I was like or you can txt me.....so he did.


Do you think that was a good or bad face? And like he does tease me like a said... but without me knowing it before i really realized i liked him I found myslef flirting with him, like not meaning to, but I was. I got to the point to where I would like touch him a lot like on the shoulders and the back. At first he was like idk he almost didn't want me to then he didn't care. I dunno if he was doing it to keep me happy or what, but i dunno.


I have done that crush thing before though to think of it. All he did was inore it i guess. No respond or anything. I wasn't even to really able read his face either.


So basically its like I think he might like me, or he may not. So yeah. I guess that was all extra info. I dunno how many ppl will actually read it all, but yeah. I guess the main thing I need to know is what do I say when i call him.



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OMG Guess what!


I called him yesterday, and he said that he was glad that I called. And we talked for a while, man... theres just somehting about him..wow. Anyways we talked for a few minutes then i ended it since i was at the mall and i didn't want to not be able to listen to him. So yeah we talked for a few minutes at the least 15. He was like yeah well call me my phones always on. I mean he was like yeah I guess I see you later when school starts, but call me. I didn't think he would say that!


Well I'm just gonna call him today and wish him a happy birthday.

Yeah... it made me happy. I'm gonna ask him if he wants to hang out at the mall saturday. Hopefully he'll say yes, and can come.

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