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Ex would rather be alone than with you?

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I was just at the grocery store. It's Friday night, date night. I saw couples shopping together, looking happy, planning their menus for the next few days or week. And I saw singles, like myself, shopping for one. On Friday night, you can usually tell that those shopping alone are not half of a couple. And it got me thinking, will I one day be content with doing my Friday night shopping with someone I merely like enough to keep me from being lonely? Will I settle? I'm sure that some of the happy looking couples were with their partners because they were "good enough." Will I get lonely enough to allow that to happen to me?


Then I started thinking about my ex. He didn't leave me for another. I don't know if that would have hurt any less or more if he did. He would rather have been alone than to have been with me. If he had left me for someone else, then I probably would be plagued by thoughts that he felt that the new love was better than me. But I wasn't left for somebody else. I guess I was left because of the idea that there was somebody better than me. Obviously, he would rather have been alone than have stayed with me.


I am hoping that he is thinking about the great times we have had as a couple. I am hoping that he will see that there is so much good that we have shared that he will miss. I am hoping that soon he will see know that there isn't someone better for him.


Is it better to know that you true love left you because of someone else? Or is it better to know that your true love left you because, whether or not there *might* or *might not* be somebody better out there, they would rather be alone than be with you?

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personally i think it'd be better if my ex had left me and there was no one. i mean essentially there wasnt anyone of consequence - he's not with anyone but he's dating (wants to play before he settles down, if ever - hmp). but at first there was someone - whether she was just going to be there briefly or long term (which she wasnt) i would have rather him just leave me and let me be w/o no one else in the picture.


so i think that it's better if he parted ways without no one else being in the picture. i don't want to give you any false hope, but i think at least in cases like these - it is possible for a reconciliation.


any more thoughts on this?

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