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This has probably asked a million time but i just want to know if i should try. There is this girl at my school and she is really pretty. Anyway ive seen her ignore guys when they compliment her but whenver i talk to her she is always smiling and is really nice to me. I think she has a boyfriend so i think she just wants to make a friend. Do you think she likes me or thinks of me as a friend? Please give me some advice.

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She digs you. She doesn't take the compliments from the others (cause their jerks...am I right) But always talks and smiles around you...hmmm.

She thinks your great and is obviously hanging around you trying to hint at you she prefers you over the other guys. And shes trying to get your attention. If she focuses on you and no other guy...get a clue.


Is her boyfriend at school? Why isn't he in the picture? Do you think she has one outside of school?


Get the details. And ask her out man.

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Hey man. You dont want to do anything obvious like asking if she has a boyfriend or not. Just be her friend for a while and get to know her. Most people like to show off that they have a gf or a bf. SHe will someday slip out that she has a bf or not during your conversation with her. Just be friend first, show her that you're a nice guy. If you end up finding out that she doesn't have a boyfriend, ask her out. IF she does a bf than respect it and still be her friend.

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