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Saw her today from a distance...not doing myself any favors

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This obsession crap has got to end. For the past few weeks I have been driving around alot in the area where her small office building is located during my lunch break. It's on a major intersection corner and their smoking area is very easy to see, also she parks her car where it can be seen from the street so when I drive by there on my way to and from work I can see it. Anyway, for lack of any other contact with her I have been driving around that area quite a bit when I have the chance, hoping to catch a glimpse of her outside smoking, her car pulling in and out, or her car on the street as we drive by each other. I do this because I kind of want her to see me by accident. Know what I mean? I've even sat down the street accross the road for minutes at a time hoping she comes out of her office.


I know this is terrible, and probably looks like stalking, but I don't do it all the time, and I'm very careful about it. Her office is right on the way to and from mine so it's not like I'm out of my neighborhood.


I saw her today out in the smoking area when passing by coming back from lunch. Don't know if she saw me or not, probably not, because it's a very busy street.


She looked the same, very tan, hair the same. 2 weeks ago she called both my phones and didnt leave messages, I'm hoping she's going to do it again soon. I know this sounds pathetic.

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Do you even know her name? Does she know your name? If the answer to either question is "no", these chance encounters you are hoping will happen won't materialize into anything.


whoops, sorry, I glossed over the last sentence in your post where you mentioned she called you. Ok, so it's obvious you both know each other.


Stop making this hard then. Don't rely on these chance encounters...be upfront and forward in your intentions. If you do see her outside smoking, walk in like you were going up to her work just to say "hi" or whatever, and ask her out for lunch sometime. Seriously, you need to have some backbone at some points in your life and this is one of them. If she turns you down, don't get all gloomy and downtrodden because that does look bad. Let it glide off you...say something like "Well that's ok I thought I would at least ask anyway. I'll see you around", or something comparable.

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I agree . You need some backbone !! I admire it when a guy is upfront about things ...

When I met my boyfriend he was straight forward and didnt try to hide his feelings.

What you're doing, is, almost on the verge of stalking.

If she sees you lurking around like that, you'd most likely lose any chance you have .

Next time you see her, approach her and do what SouthernSon suggested.

Good luck!

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This is your Ex right? Royltnxile no matter how innocent this is, it's stalking. I know it's hard to let go of someone you care for deeply, but all you're doing is hurting yourself. You're rubbing your own nose in unrequited love. Please stop! Believe me the feelings that drive you to do this will eventually subside. You just need to take care of yourself and give yourself some of the same love and attention that you long for from her.

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Man, you need to stop this asap. Do anything it takes to make you stop obsessing over this one girl. Do you realize that there are millions of single girls in this world, and they're really not all that different than each other? All this time you're spending on her, you could be out there looking for someone else who can show you real love.


Watching her at work? Come on dude, drop the case.

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Okay if this is about your ex girlfriend then you are completley contradicting yourself. You say you want to quit obsessing over this girl, yet you drive by her work and wait till she walks outside or whatever? If you have something to say to her... then say it. If you want to get over her, then IGNORE her! I know.. your going to say, but I have to pass by going to and from work. Get a new route... I'm sure there are other ways you can get to work even if it takes you 10 minutes longer then normal. Stop staking her out, why waste/give your time if she isn't going to waste/give her time for you? C'mon, I know you can do this, if you want to quit obsessing, then take the means to do so.

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