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Dating after break-up

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Just thought I'd let all those who were following my situation know that I have a date tomorrow evening.


I met the girl in question for the second time last night (after she had called me to set the date!!) over drinks with friends and we chatted for a couple of hours and got along really well.


Yes it is an ego boost and it took my mind off my ex for the first time in a long time which was a welcome relief.


I still have some reservations about the timing of this date -- its only been 10 weeks since my ex broke our relationship off after 4 and 1/2 years and I would genuinely still like a reconciliation.


However as a friend of mine commented this morning I need to get some persepctive:


She 'dumped me'!!! She hurt me!! and she has done nothing to reach out or suggest that she is having any second thoughts/doubts.


I know I have to beware the danger of the 'rebound' so any advice/comments on this would be welcome.


Thanks all

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Doc i think thats a good thing, even if your not perhaps totally ready, well it cant help.I guess it's going to happen sooner or later, and well who knows it maybe just what you need to head over the last of the hurdles so to speak.Is this the sanme girl that gave you the wrong number at the party the other night?


And i think taht your friends are right, mine seem to be saying the same thing as do alot of others on here.


I think sometimes we can get our selves in "the one magic person mode"....when in reality there are 6 billion people on this planet, so the odds have to not too bad i would think, that there are many magic persons.


Talk too you in PM doc.



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Hey I can relate, it was about 6wks after my ex and I split that I went out for the first time. It's kinda tough, I noticed myself being able to let go and have a good time but still I was not able to fully let go and open up to this new girl. But in the end I am very glad I went out, it was a boost to the ego and I had fun, hell we went out again this last Thursday. I don't see it as going anywhere but if everything falls into place... so be it I guess.


"You can do it".... go out and have fun, don't build into something it's not, go out for the fun of going out.





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