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I don't know what to do...

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Alright well my friend is coming up for the summer again (he moved to arizona a few years ago). Now my problem is that after he left the last time he came up for the summer me and my other friend don't really talk to each other anymore. Normally I could just tell him this but I don't even know why we aren't really friends anymore. After my friend left my other friend just stopped hanging out with me and a few of my other friends. He would make bs excuses and eventually I just stopped making any effort to contact him. So when my friend comes up we'll both probably end up calling him and I don't know what to do after that, especially since I'm pretty sure I know what he's gonna do. He's probably gonna hang out with us and act like nothing happened. So what should I do? I've only thought of one thing and there's no way in hell I'm just letting it go.


I just read this and its kinda confusing so if anyone wants me to label my friends just ask.

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maybe the friend that ditched you won't want anything to do with the visiting friend either, if the visiting friend wants to hang out with you both then you would be the one on the wrong if you made an issue with the ditching friend, people are not required to be friends, but you know that about him now and can behave appropriately and not get yourself too wrapped up in the ditcher.

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