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Letting anger out

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I'm a extreme metal fan myself and it really helps to get the anger out I find..

Here's some links to a few Canadian bands, more metalcore\metal maybe than hardcore, but if you want to get some anger out:


Despised Icon link removed

Dirtbred link removed

Far From Ruin: link removed

The End- link removed (pure schizo crazy anger)


For all angry confused hate-filled days:

S$%tstorm by Strapping Young Lad:


link removed (change this from "@%" to "it" before downloading - dang profanity filter)

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Is that death metal, or black? I hate that stuff. I tried the Strapping Young lad song, didn't do it for me. I don't know maybe I'm a wimp I guess, but that **** is too heavy lol.


The Far From Ruin kicks *** the singer sounds like the dude from Hatebreed. I don't like the death grunt thing, but I guess it's ok. Know any bands from Sweden or Denmark that are good (I hate the ones from Norway and Finland, I hate their accents).

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