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N/C difficult / silent treatment since split

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hi all,


Before I start posted this on the back of someone elses topic, sorry forgot had to start new topic, so here it is.

so sorry to the 2 that replied before and repeating myself or them saying again.


me and my g/f split 2months ago...........i have no N/C for about 1 1/2months now, she didnt reply, its so difficult, want her to get in touch....


we was together for 2yrs, i was really close to her daughter.

I would do anything for both of them romance for g/f, day trips out for the daughter, included the daughter in ABSOLUTELY everything, more than alot of guys would have, have done, or would do.

we split up because a few silly arguments, the daughter didnt like mummy arguing or upset so became funny about that.

we split up 2months ago, reason being, my g/f saying her daugher is not happy, so she has to put her 1st. The week before we split up was the weekend I was suppose to see my g/f (we only saw eachother every other weekend, because of space for her daughter and g/f - which I agreed to, of course - more than alot would do), and she went out clubbing, so I wasnt happy about that as missed her, we had a biggy argument, and she said thats the final straw. Apart from saying its over as explained, she has blanked me ever since.........(wish she is known for when gets in arguments or angry - childish i know but hey)


she said hurts her to do it, i should know how I much she still feels about me and cares for me. So its not even that she has fallen out of love with me.

She always said I was the only guy who has really taken a genuine interest and look after her and her daughter. she has been out with a few guys before me included the daughters dad, who all have treated her bad, she found it very hard to open up to me when we 1st started out together, she wasnt used to the love and romance, being treated nicely.

but I always feel thats what it should be lie, especially when they are worth it.


sorry if i gone on a bit, a brief explanantion covering events.

I love them both very much still, i can handle most things, but silent treatment OUCH.


in limbo now ...................................

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no, she didnt take daughter with her lol,

daughter stayed with her nan.


I always offerred to baby sit when she went out, all I got was "no, you know we dont see eachother till weekends"


She was always strict about putting daughter 1st, strictly weekends only we would see eachother,


was hard for me..................... especially when I always offerred to be there as a support WHENEVER.


Maybe I shouldnt have..

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dont think she lost interest,

right up until about 2 weeks before the split

things was ok, nothing to indicate that AT ALL, still very loving,

even when we split, she made very clear she still loved me, and her feelings have always been the same for me.


so its not like we even feel out of love.

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hi scorch..

i hope you're feeling better...try to do something nice for yourself...get some good takeout and a good movie, just to get your mind off of things, i know what you're going through, and it sucks, but try and be nice to yourself...one thing i'm learning is that if you're not good to yourself, no one else will be either...

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