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Boyfriend and well fiance' in a mth is going to Iraq soon...

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Jon (21) and I (20) have been together for 3 yrs now, and all along we've known w/o a doubt that we're meant to be together. Last summer Jon left to go into the army and we thought that was the hardest thing in the world until we found out that he'd be stationed 4600 miles away in Seattle, Wa. Don't get me wrong we knew going into this that it would be difficult. Anyway, we've always talked about marriage and have always been confident that God has a future for us. The last time I saw Jon was Dec. 27th and things have grown increasingly hard. LDRs definitely take a toll on you emotionally and it isn't any easier when the one you love is in the military. Jon told me that he is preparing to leave for Iraq at the beginning of the new year, and I'm incredibly scared. We plan to get engaged in July when he comes home and get married when he returns from Iraq. If anyone has any advice as far as how to deal with the one you love being at war let me know because I'm certainly going to need all I can get, and I'd appreciate any advice that anyone may have.

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Wow.... I don't really know what to say except that I wish you 2 the best and don't let these outside circumstances ruin your love.


As a caring person, you're always going to be scared for his safety and well-being while he's in Iraq, and there's nothing you can really do to stop that because you love him.


The only other advice I can give is that if he calls or writes, try to be cheerful and positive because he's going to need that from you during this difficult time. He's lucky to have a caring person waiting for him, and you're lucky to have a man so brave.


All the best,



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Sorry to hear... I know last time we spoke Iraq was only a possibility and not definate. I know it's hard, and it's going to be hard. My bf is currently stationed on a submarine.... well... somewhere. Who knows where. He has zero communications ability for a few months at a time - no calls, letters, e-mails.


My suggestion to you is to stay busy... it helps the days go by faster. Keep a journal for him. If you normally keep one for yourself, don't stop that... but keep one for him too. Semi-regular entries of what you've been doing and what's on your mind. Give it to him when he comes home. Don't spend the entire journal lamenting on how much you miss him, simply day to day thoughts and activities.


Good luck! I'm here if you need me.

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