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Hey I hope everyone is having a great day today.

I started doing NC with someone 8 days ago

and I have been reading a lot of posts on here the last week...and

trying to give advice to those I feel I can help in some small way. I

want to say this forum has truly given me SO much more perspective

and strength than I would have without it. It makes me feel NOT so

alone, or NOT so pathetic...and that in the end it is ME I have to live

with. I know without this forum I would have broken down by now, or been weak and contacted him. It is nice to know there are others who

are or have been where you are..and who don't judge you because you just can't "get over it". I think that is what keeps so many people stuck when they are going through a traumatic breakup..is that they don't feel like they can break down or truly be open about their pain or hurt. That is a neccesary and vital part of healing and moving on.

Last week I had a REALLY REALLY bad day emotionally. I took that day to grieve and cry and mope....yeah it was an ugly one. LOL

Anyway..I just wanted to say thanks to everyone. I am so glad this forum exists. I will continue posting until I get through what I need to, and I will try to continue to post and hopefully be able to help others the way I have been helped.

Thanks again.

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im going on 7days *sigh*


what would we do without internet connection? probably keep contacting lol



im still in my mopey stage. but have clothes on


ditto to how u feel about this Forum playbrat. good luck to us both huh?

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Congrats on Day 7 Itry...

I'm on day 8...so we're kind of on the same timetable in the healing process. It was MY choice to do NC because the guy I am talking about

is going through a divorce and he just is not where I need to him to be to give me what I want right now. Things didn't end badly or anything, and I do miss talking to him ..but I am doing this for myself so I can become less emotionally "invested" in him. I am trying to not think too far in the future or get my hopes up IF we talk again.

If you need to talk, PM me anytime...I will help as much as I can

And...keep your clothes on!!! LOL

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just wanted to say that this forum was totally amazing when i was going through hard times a few months ago. sometimes just reading whats going on in other peoples lives is all you need to put your own life into perspective. we can all learn from eachother. one of the things i like most about this forum is that you can really reach out to people and help them. sometimes when im feeling sad i just offer up some advice and it feels so rewarding


keep going with the healing process, you will get through it!! we've all been there and it hurts so much sometimes, but you WILL be ok, thats for sure!!!

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