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Holding The One You Love, Back From Happiness?

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I have feelings for my best friend, she doesn't know.


But her boyfriend and I don't really get on. Lately she's been spending a lot of time around me and not so much with her boyfriend..


So the other night, I told her that I would disappear. She couldn't stop crying.. I don't get it..


We are so close, but I care so much about her, I want her to be happy.


She can be happy with her boyfriend, and lose me.


Her boyfriend constantly nags at how close we are, and ever since we became close he has drifted from her.


I just want her to be happy, with or without me.


I hurt her so bad the other night, we have to talk things through and all but i know we'll be the same.. it's what she says she wants, and what I know i want.


Was I stupid to think i was holding her back from her boyfriend?


But i don't get how she can be in love with her boyfriend and yet spend so much time with me..


she's out with him today and that's the first they've seen eachother in 5 days..


All i want is for her to be happy. however that may be.

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Maybe she has a crush on you dude..

Or maybe, she just loves your company, and sees you as one of those guy friends that can she can talk to about, and is there for emotional support.


If you want her to be happy, you have to stop worrying about her, because she's fine, and you have to start worrying about the other variable in the relationship; her boyfriend.


Have a talk with him, you don't need to become friends, but let him know that you aren't there to steal her, and you just want her to be happy, if he's a good guy, he'll respect this, and if he's not.. screw him.


Chances are he wil be happy to know you aren't trying to steal his girl, and be nice to you. Once you have this patched up, she should be more happy about everything from all angles.


If you really want this girl.. just keep doing what you're doing, don't try to take her, but just be yourself, and if she prefers you over him, then so be it. But make no attempt to steal her, nobody likes those guys.


Good luck on everything.

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The reason she can be this way is because she's romantically intrested in her b/f and just sees you as a friend. Holding your feelings inside? Can't feel good. All this time you're spending with her you could be out looking for someone who's interested in you too. Cut off your "friend" cause it will never turn romantic and see who else is out there.

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