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is when a girl vagina hurts for no reason a symptom of pregnancy? my girlffriend said it felt like she was beings shocked by something, lately she has not been eating properly becuase she thinks she is fat could the change in diet be the reason?

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You know I've had that feeling before and I honestly don't remember when it was or why I had it, but it wasn't something long term. Has she taken a pregnancy test? It could be related. Maybe it's a hormone fluxuation. If it lasts too long she should see a doctor.

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Sure it could hurt due to a bacterial infection, STI, yeast infection, bruising of the cervix/vagina from sexual intercourse (the shocks would be the healing), hormones, dehydration (almost like cramping) and any other number of things. And YES...if she is NOT eating properly and is suffering an eating disorder a lack of nutrients/vitamins can have an effect.


She should go to a doctor if it persists. If she has not had any other symptoms of pregnancy and you are being safe then that is not the first option. If she is late for period she should take test though.


I am concerned that she is on path to an eating disorder though from what you said, please support her and try to get her some help. Not a path you want to go down.

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