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Sex doesnt feel good anymore. Whats wrong with me??? HELP!

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Lately, when my g/f fingers me, it just doesnt really do anything for me. Oral is awesome, but it just isnt enough. I dont know what happened... we both got scared b/c I was kinda bleeding everytime and since then... I cant get off at all. I have to tell her to stop b/c it just doesnt feel good. PLEASE HELP!!! I got to find a way to fix this... b/c it REALLY SUCKS!!! For both of us... im frustrated sexually and shes frustrated that she cant help. THanks

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Have you gone to a doctor to see why you are bleeding everytime she fingers you and why it hurts?


It is possible you may have a very thick, strong, stubborn hymen which may need a doctor to break it. Or you may have a infection, or cervical damage.


Maybe the fear of it hurting is preventing you from being excited and being properly lubricated...buy some lubrication (KY, Astroglide, Oh My, whatever works for you!) and use lots of it on her fingers, it may help.

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