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what have u done to help get u to sleep...?

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its nearly 130am here in nyc. im tossing and turning and crying..trying to keep NC. i cant sleep. i need to sleep. i have a super long day tomorrow and i need sleep or else im afraid im going to fall asleep on the highway. what do u guys do to help u sleep? i hate the taste of alcohol or medicines.. so thats out of the question. its like..here at the computer...im falling asleep...and when i walk around or get in my car to drive around ill start nodding off.. but as soon as i get into bed...im laying there eyes closed but my mind is racing filled with memories. my pillows dont feel like his arms....


help me sleep someone please.

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Try exercising/stretching and then taking a warm/hot shower before bed.


The exercise will release some stress and energy, the heat will relax you.


This has worked for me in the past when I was trying to re-adjust my schedule to go to bed earlier.


Also, avoid anything with caffeine or sugar as bedtime nears.


There are also caffeine free herbal teas which contain Valerian, which is supposed to promote restful, natural sleep.

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dont sleep in bed. i found that sleeping on the sofa helped me get through this. I also have a huge comfy computer chair and i sleep thee to. I hope this helps.



this was actually the only thing that worked.... i slept on my sofa...


something about my bed is just too sentimental...


thank u... i finally slept decent last night. the first time in over a week...,

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If it happens again, I've heard that you need to concentrate on a single color (black I guess, which is the one beneath your eyelids when it's dark...) and try not to drift into images, especially if they have movement in them... I heard that one once (and I've tried it, and I think it works, lol I dunno...). Good luck and best wishes.

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