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can things go back to the way they were???

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So I told a workmate how I felt about him the other week (about 2 weeks ago) and he said that he wanted to be friends. Which I was ok with a little disheartened but that's the way things are. Right!?. So things between us at work were last week were almost normal. This week things feel really awkward, there's alot of tension there. We won't talk to each other. I can't look at him. Not sure what happened over the weekend but things feel really weird. I mean we were fine last week talking and joking around. Nothing this week.


Has anyone experienced this kind of thing before and what was the outcome?

And is it possible to get passed this awkwardness and if so how?. I'd appreciate any advice. Thanks

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ive have a similar problem, except we were involved for a month or so bout 6months before i came out and told her.


things were ackward for about two weeks, we wouldnt talk, we wouldnt even make eye contact. she was quick to get other things and just acted as tho it never even happened.


as for me, unless you find out that your significant other was getting around when you were involved and want to cut all friendship


but yea, if you still want to be friends make the effort to attempt to go back to how things were. it may seem hard, it was hard but it can be done.

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This had somewhat happened between me and a guy last year.

We went out a few times as friends and everything was very nice... Until he started hitting on me. I told him how I felt and he ended up taking the frustration of that out on my brother who had nothing to do with anything(very weird). That really got me a bit angry. So, we ended up not talking to eachother for about a year, even though we saw eachother just about every day, and things were extremely awkward. We would openly avoid eachother. At the end of that year, though, he came up to me and tried conversing. It went fairly well, but two days later (for some unexplainable reason) we stopped talking once again and haven't spoken or seen eachother since.

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