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okay, i just want to see what other people have experienced in the past, because i am pretty new to all this break up stuff.


My girlfriend of 5 years broke up with me on april 5th, i found out 3 weeks later she was with someone she developed a crush on and it was something she had to "sort out". We were insanly close, talking all the usual marriage, etc, just a couple weeks prior to the breakup. I believe she broke up with me when she did because the loser she is with got fired from his crap job on march 29th and was moving out of town an hour away to get a new crappy job.

They have been long distance the whole time.......me and my ex are both 23.....he is 28, going nowhere, etc............


Basically, i met my ex on june 2nd, we talked for about an hour and a half at the park, once we worked through all the relationship talk, we just had a fun time and talked about whatever. It wen't really well. we were on really good terms. She said she still wants me in her life, i said i want her in my life too. Obviuosly not right away, but in general.


So about 2 weeks after our great meeting, she said we were on good terms and moving forward in a positive direction, etc...


Here is my question (because it contradicts everything that happened on the 2nd)


Basically over the course of the last couple weeks, i congratulated her on her college graduation, told her about my upcoming operation (3 operations on one day on both my feet...long story) and told her when i am graduating college (which she was about 50 % of the reason why i went and finished) it was important to us both....i thought.....


So i sent one email and one phone message wishing her a happy grad....i have never said anything about us or what went wrong, etc...And all i got in response was NOTHING...........is this usual considering what we talked about when we met, etc.....we have always been each others right arms for 5 years of dating and 6 years of best friends........pretty much since she broke up on the 5th, she has not made 1 attempt to contact me in anyway......we saw each other almost 7 days a week for 5 years, it blows my mind. I have only contacted her through email about 5 times in the last 2 months, never talking about "us".

I just dont understand this whole no response thing. The only time i got a reaction out of her was when i needed release forms signed by her, and she said she would only do it if the "new" guy came too, i called her out gracefully and polite and went right up and down her in an email, as soon as she read it, she came straight to my house, i wasnt home and she was goin all over town lookin for me......


Somebody tell me this is normal.

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Right now she is probably just going through her post-break up reactions. When I broke up with guys, I didn't talk to them for a little while. It gave us both time to get resituated.


And now that she has this guy she probably doesn't know how well you'll react to it or fears that it would affect both of ya'lls personal relationship with eachother.


Just give it some time and then ya'll will eventually start talking again. I mean after 5 years, yeah there's a connection. It's probably just her time to have a mild break after all. But don't give up on talking to her. Still keep the friendship, otherwise it's very awkward, trust me I know the awkwardness of it all.

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If she's gonna break up with you and hook up with some other loser immediately, then she never really cared about you anyways. She doesn't call because she doesn't care. No Contact her and work on moving on because she doesn't deserve you anyways.


It's gonna be hard, but forget about her like a bad dream.

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