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sex with 3 guys in 2 months...


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i've been in a kind rebellious mode this past few months...


in the span of two months, i lost my virginity, and he's not even my boyfriend. just met him a few weeks before that. i admit regretting it to the wrong guy. though i felt like im still intact... he's so small...


then there's guy number two. thought we had somethin going on. i did it again, twice. hurts still... after that, we had a falling off..


here comes guy number 3. my exact opposite. he doesnt exist in my too uncomplicated life, and i dont exist either in his complicated one. i agreed to spend the night with him. no strings attached. he hasnt had sex for more than a year, while i wanted to explore things. so we hit it off... however, what worries me right now is that he came inside me. i took 3 500mg of aspirin dissolved in a glass of sprite, cause my friends say its quite effective in flushing out the sperms... i dont really know if its really effective.


anyway, can anyone tell me some other measures i should take to prevent something unexpected? as early as now. its been like 3 days after it happened...

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"The medication can be taken immediately after unprotected intercourse, or at any time up to about 72 hours later. Some studies indicate that it is effective even later. However, its efficacy seems to be reduced as time passes, so it is important that, if it is going to be taken, that it be taken quickly. "

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What do you mean disease is not a concern? You cannot tell who has or does not have something just by looking, and sometimes you cannot trust them entirely to disclose their pasts.


Did you know that HPV (causes genital warts and increases risk of cervical cancer depending on strain) is carried by something like 60% of women, yet 90% do not KNOW! They pass it on to men, who pass it on to more women. A similar amount of people do not know they have gonnorhea, or chlamydia - all which can lead to infertility and other complications, but not even have symptoms...

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