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how do u get past a good reason...

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There is this girl that I have started hanging out with. She is really cute, and has a really good personality. But, she is not looking for anything cuz she is focusing on school..Well, me and her have the same class, so we can help each other out. And we have started doing more stuff together, like we just ran together and worked out today. I'm trying real hard to not be attracted to her, because she isnt looking. But I can't help but be interested in her. Is there anything I can do? Am I just screwed cuz of the school thing? Or should I just hide my feelings?

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Well, just don't hang out too much, then she will get sick of you. You don't want that. If your interested in her, then let yourself be interested in her. Just don't come off as a freak or pressuring her to take her mind off school for something else (relationship).


You a marine? Awesome. Just wondering because of the avatar.

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no...air force....its kinda turning out that we have stuff together anyways....she likes to work out and she likes that I push her to run so she works out...and we have the same classes so we can help each other with homework and stuff...but other than that I dont really do stuff...but she has fun when we do stuff...i can tell...

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Dude, Air Force, cool


I'm probably doing college AFROTC hopefully for pilot school sometime. I also want to be a veterinarian too, so I'm gonna have to choose one or another soon. I hope everything works out well for you, just today I met a really nice girl at my college orientation, and within just a few minutes of talking, we became prety good friends. She and I share most of our classes together, so we'll be seeing lots of eachother. She and I both want to hang out sometime before classes start, so hopefully things develope positively Anyway, good luck to ya man, and I'm proud of the service you do for our country.

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Airforce rocks my socks!!!


My Grandfather who just pasted away in March was in the Airforce. His title was Colonel. He served in WWII, helped with the atomic bomb, and he was one of the main pilots for the Berline Airlift, ect. I appreciate your service. My uncle is in Airforce as well, he is Major or Captian, not sure.


Well, I said I was focusing on school too, whatever. Stay cool and be friends with her. Right now she just wants to get a foot hold on school and all her training then she'll realize she has time for the guys too.


Same thing with me. Just need that little time to get focused and then the fun can begin.


Good luck to you!

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I think you should keep yourself busy with someone else, like one of your good friend(s); doing something together - hangin out. You say she is focusing on her studies, then let her - and no, you should NOT hide your feelings; those things get bunched up inside and eventually explode and you become miserable when that happens. Just talk/hang out with her every so often - not TOO much, not TOO little, just casually.


P.S. do you mind if I ask you some stuff about the whole air force thing? I've been considering Air force or something like that, pilot, ya know?


Good luck and thanks

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go ahead...ill answer all that i can....the least i can do for the advice....so i should tell her? what should i say? i do just hang out with her casually....but with school starting soon we will see each other at class and to help each other with homework...

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Well, I said I was focusing on school too, whatever. Stay cool and be friends with her. Right now she just wants to get a foot hold on school and all her training then she'll realize she has time for the guys too


Take the advice of the one women who posted, she was in the same situation and she's a female so she should have the best understanding of thems.


Be her friend, and enjoy being around her. It's not a whole or a trap to dig yourself out of, its what she needs from you right now. If you care about her, you'll be willing to give that to her.

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