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AHH!! Might be pregnant--not sure...Help!


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Okay...so I think i may be pregnant. I've not had any symptoms this month so far as to me getting my period. E.g. Stomach cramps, headaches etc. I'm not really sure when i'm getting it, this month.. Crazy i know...i just don't really pay much attention. Plus i had been on the patch for two months, but got off it...so it screwed my cycle up.


Anyhow for the past three weeks I've been waking up and have had the urge to puke. I have nothing to vomit, because I've had NO APPETITE. I've been going through stress for about 3 weeks. But its only durring the wee morning. The rest of the day I'm fine. I don't eat much so, I don't really have the urge the rest of the day. I've been pregnant before, and the symptoms are not the same. I've heard that you have different symptoms each time u are pregnant. Is that true?


Also the last time i had sex with someone was....okay let me get the calendar out..i think last thursday. I'm not good on dates. No protection. I don't think i'd feel it this soon. But i don't know. What do u all think????

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Likely no you would not feel anything this soon if you were pregnated last Thursday, but it could be from before that.


Take a pregnancy test, and then if still no period take one in another week.


You might just be messed up due to going off patch too, and stress won't help things either.


And yes, you can have different symptoms every time.

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Okay guys...i went to look at a calendar and thought REALLY hard to when i had gotten my period. So it should be coming on the the 25th, or so of this month. So i still have plenty of time.


Hope75...the time in mid may was the guy i had been seeing. I haven't spoken to him in almost a month.

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I've never heard of anyone experiencing pregnancy symptoms 6 days after fertilization. Some women have claimed to feel it 8 days afterwards, but I don't know about that.


Anyways, take that pregnancy test. The earliest is 5 days before the missed period that you can take it. But, I doubt that it is as accurate as going to your doctor for bloodwork after the missed period.


Obiviously, yes, you may be pregnant. Anytime you have sex, especially without a condom, pregnancy can occur. After all, that was the original reason that sex was invented. So, if you'd like not to be pregnant, use protection. In the meantime, you're just gonna have to sweat it out until you can take the pregnancy test...

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It's not good to just assume this type of stuff. You did just get off of the patch, so that might make your period late. Wait until the 25th, if it doesn't come then, give it a week, then go see a doctor. It's really important to not assume anything, especially when it comes to being pregnant.

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buy TWO pregnancy tests from the pharmacy and take them! the chances of them BOTH BEING WRONG ARE SLIM TO NONE! the tests show a POSITIVE for pregnancy if a certain chemical is found in the urine. IF ITS THERE YOU ARE PREGNANT IF ITS NOT YOU ARE NOT! theyre way more accurate than the calendar timing method youre trying to figure out. the only way a test is inaccurate is if you dont follow the directions and screw it up some how. youd be surprised that once you take the test it comes up negative and your period comes 30seconds later. THAT HAPPENED TO ME BEFORE. you stressing out can also be playing a huge role in the lateness of your period. chill out and take the test(s).


why dont you just get it done?



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