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Hi Everyone, I havent really been on here for a while, but I bumped into the ex a couple of weeks ago, and very quickly things got how they were before and we ended up in bed. I dont know why I let this happen, he is seeing someone, but I think it was beause he dumped me so badly I needed to feel wanted any thoughts?


Anyway I sent him an e-mail and I told him it was obvious we couldnt be friends, that what happened shouldnt have happened that I think it was because I felt so horrible for the last 8 mnths, that it didnt make me feel better, and he hurt me too much to be friends. I miss him so much still now, Is this normal, is what i sent ok?

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Been where you are...and it's counter productive to sleep with an ex...especially if they dumped YOU. Sending the email wasn't neccesary

but if it reinforces your decision then there's nothing wrong with it. I wouldn't expect much of a reaction (from MY experience). I have found

my reasons for sleeping with an ex were to also gain some ego gratification ..ie, "He still finds me attractive" etc, but in the end, I still ended up hating myself for it. So, in short...No sending the email wasn't wrong, sleeping with the ex wasn't wrong...I just wouldn't do either again.

All the best to you.

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Thanks Playbrat,


I was just getting all emotional again, guess it must be too soon to even speak to him, but 8 mnths is ridiculous for getting over someone, especially when he comes out with lines like 'Its meant to be................, and I have to see him at a party this weekend.


Do you think he will think any less of me for sleepuing with him? I dont want these mad two weeks to take anything awway from what was before

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I wouldn't say he'll think any LESS of you....

but I know from experience that his attitude might be more of "indifference". Which to me is just as bad. Men don't appreciate things that come easily...especially a "conquest". He knows he has you, what else is there to work for? You sending him the email will only confirm that you ARE in fact still "hooked".

Hope that answered your question.

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