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Boyfriend says he feels bad...

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I went out with a guy for four months last summer, when we broke up and recently got back together again after a bad relationship for me. We've mostly picked up where we left off in the relationship. I'm pretty much two years older than he is (I'm 19, he's 17.)


We haven't been doing anything serious, a bit of fooling around but nothing major. He absolutely WORSHIPS the ground I walk on, actually genuinely loves me and will do anything for me. Other day we were alone for once and he was putting lotion on my back for me since I was badly sunburned - long story short, ended up bra and shirtless. I'm not new to this, but he is - I'm his first serious relationship.


Question is, he's started telling me that what we did makes him "feel bad," "like a pig" and "selfish." I asked why he thought that was happening and he says he doesn't know, just that it feels as if he's treating me badly. Of course I told him that he shouldn't feel like that at all, if anyone *I* should be the one feeling that way, hah.


I've just been pondering this and was hoping to get a little insight... does anyone have any ideas as to why this could be? Anything appreciated, thanks!

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You mentioned him worshipping you...and is probably the reason why he'll take all the blames no matter how & if you're wrong. I just sense a bit of Mr. Nice Guy in him how he's showing few signs of guys that are considered 'too nice'.


Don't get me wrong, he sounds like a good b/f to you but also when I say Mr. Nice Guy, a lot of people tend to think that the guy is really 'too nice' but it actually goes in depth as to why some men tend to worship women or have the need to be with women in order to make themselves happy.


If you want to know the details I can type it out but simply, being this guy never had any relationship in the past and the way he is, he'll simply blame any faults to himself. He'll probably be sorry more often then he should be and he'll have a tendency to say 'yes' to everything you ask for even if he doesn't agree...it could all be do to insecurity but could be so many reason stemming from his past.

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