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My boyfriend Eddie did the most stupid thing I ever could have imagined he broke a guys window with a crowbar, and hes gettin locked up for 6 months.....I love him, I really do, I dont wanna lose him, but he broke up with me cuz of it, and he promised me so much, like we were gettin married and that he'd never hurt me, he held me like it ment something. I dont know what to do, im so about to give up on love, and I really cant stop cryin no matter what I do. At work all I did was cry, I felt like an as*. What do I do....I want him back.

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Well, chances are that he broke up with you for your own good. So if that is the case, you should admire his strength of character. Let him serve his time, and then you can talk with him about reconciliation. Considering that he will be in jail, I don't think you have to worry about him meeting somebody else...unless he's interested in fat guys named Bubba.

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I think you should be wary of this guy - I would imagine he has been in trouble before if he got six months just for breaking a window with a crowbar. He was probably charged with attempted break and enter or robbery but even so, six months for a first offence is unlikely.

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....reality check hunny.... he's doing u a favor..


i dont know how old u are... but if ur under 18...then please understand that this will all be insignificant later on in life...if u are in ur 20's or so... pls.understand that him breaking into someones car is not a good sign at all for ur future.


ur lover boy now has a record... be rational... u DONT want him back. writing letters and collect calls is not a good relationship...

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Okay, sweetheart, I am not sure what is going on with you but I am concerned you put so much into one guy who 1) you have only been with one week (never mind that he said he loves you and wants to marry you already) and 2) you thought a day ago was cheating on you 3) this morning you were wondering how to tell him you did not want to sleep with.


Yes he is stupid, but it was his choice to do. You have been with him a week, why are you vowing to remain with him forever already? Especially with a criminal record.


Stop allowing your life to revolve around a guy, at any age it is not healthy. Stop putting the value of yourself into other guys hands.

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ok....1 week, so what i do love him and i really never felt like this b4


Because it was only recently you "loved" another guy who kept cheating on you, it was only three days ago you said you thought Eddie might be cheating, because it all seems like too much drama to be true love.


True love does not happen in a week. If you "love" him, you have a lot to learn about love sweetie, and I mean that in the nicest way...just because you never felt like this before, does not mean it is love.

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