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Couple of signs: Attraction right?


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Ok theres this girl in my school that I think might like me. Heres a couple things that have happened.


1. She was walking with some other guy and said hi to me while waving and smiling, and as she walked away I heard her say "I have a class with that guy", but I have never had a class with her.


2. One time I was walking down the hallway and I made eye contact with her and she quickly broke the EC and broke out in a grin.


3. Today I was waiting to get picked up by a windowed door, and as she walked past we made eye contact. Then she and her sister waited outside and she sorta positioned herself in a way that I could see her full body. Then she moved her jacket out of the way and starting pulling up her pants/wiggling or whatever girls do and like adjusting it and stuff. Then she looked back and caught me checking her out. Then she and her sister left.


What do you guys think? Have any girls/women here ever done #3?

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I really think if you'd pay less attention the signs like #1, #2, and #3, you'd already be talking to her...really, who cares what kind of signs she's giving off, as long as she's not flickin you off, or turning her back to you when you say Hi, that means she doesnt hate you....soooo GO TALK! FLIRT! and get a number...good luck

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I hate stuff like this. Especially your #2 - you say there the magic word "once". I had all that and more happen almost daily and I was the only guy she did that to and still.. guess what? rejection.


Don't look at that stuff. If you see girl doing that to you, go talk with her. You can work from there what she really thinks of you. Flirting signs can be misread and misinterpreted at will, you want to misread every single thing to your favor. They are not to be trusted, not with a girl you like.


(They can, of course, be correct with a girl you like, but only real way to find out is to talk to her.)

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