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help- what does it mean!! weird question. . .

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Okay guys I've been having this dream over and over since I broke up with my abusive boyfriend the other day- like twice in a night. It's bugging me because it's scary and I don't know what to do about it. I think it's related to breaking up with him. I feel so damn guilty about it and miss him like crazy, even though my "love" for him was more of a desperate attachment because he had mind control over me and I'm not going to gloss it over. He was incredibly cruel to me when we broke up, but I still feel that it was my fault and I still miss him bad enough to almost consider going back (I'm not though).


Anyway, the dream goes like this. I am driving down a neighborhood that has a lot of trees. It's a really pretty, quiet neighborhood with 1950's houses and it's shady and beautiful. And then suddenly I come to this part with all this debris (like pieces of wood and houses, broken trees, tires) all over the road. It's like a tornado or other natural disaster just happened there, because people in their pajamaes are in their front yards trying to sort through the mess. Anyway I keep trying to navigate a path through it, but I can't. So I have to turn around in the middle of the street. This guy is following me in a blue Honda and he gets so pissed off that I'm turning around and cutting him off that just as I am turned around and ready to go home he jumps out of his car with a gun and kills me as I'm trying to get away. I never get away.


Anyway, this is disturbing to me because I keep on having this nightmare for the past two nights. I think it has to do with my guilt over leaving him, and my missing him so badly. What do you think? Any dream experts out there? I really want to stop having this dream. . .

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I love dream interpretation.


The first thing I thought of:


The dream starts with you driving through a nice 50s neighbourhood which, in movies and books, represents a time of purity and innocence and may subconsciously (or consciously) be your idea of the life you'd like to have. Suddenly you come upon a blasted and destroyed area which represents the mess your life has become and how completely your dream of a "perfect" life has been shattered. You keep trying to find a path through it but can't, which may reflect how many times you tried to make this abusive relationship work out, or could be your dream self deciding\realizing there is no way to make it work. The dude chasing you obviously is your bf and he first becomes angry that you won't continue trying to get through the wreckage and are blocking him from following you back into it. When you do succeed in turning around (a reference to your decision not to put up with the horrible life you're leading with him) he takes the only path he sees, which is killing you. Hopefully this is just a representation of how much you fear him and how violent and abusive he is. If, because of threats he has made or knowing just how bad his temper is, you honestly (in waking life) are afraid he will kill you, you'd best get away or get the police involved.

Personally I don't see guilt in this dream, it represents beautifully (to me) that you have made a decision to have a better life (the one you've always wanted) but possibly includes the fact that you are afraid that you'll go back to him, or feel threatened into going back to him.

You really are denying the wreckage and heading back in to the nice neighbourhood. They say we can control our dreams sometimes. Instead of turning around, back into the Blue car, or keep backing up until he gets out of your way.

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Having nightmares are normal, but a high frequency of nightmares can be a sign of being overwhelmed and excessive stress which should be dealt with. Nightmares can be an important resource for self-knowledge and emotional discovery.

They convey an important message and help clear up the conflict in your life. it is important to distance yourself and work pass the emotional content (fear, grief, anger, etc.) of your nightmare and analyze it from an objective perspective. The disturbing emotions may be a way for your unconscious to prevent you from digging deep into the meaning of your nightmares. But it pays to try and make sense of those darker dreams.


check this out link removed

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Hey, thanks guys. Especially you, Mr. Meh. Do you analyze dreams for a hobby? I did a research paper over the topic and I've since become very insterested with dreams and their meanings. I knew that the wreckage in this dream had to symbolize our relationship. I just couldn't figure out anything else. Anyway, thanks. Maybe understanding it will make it go away!

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Thanks for the comments! Not really a hobby, but I love when it does come up. I feel that dreams really can help work out issues that our conscious minds can't seem to figure out; we overanalyze, underanalyze or justify conclusions, but sometimes when our guard is down our 'true' mind just says it like it is.

I had plans to become a professional musician, which I put aside when I had a child at 18. I began drinking heavily and was in a job I didn't like.

So one night I have this dream.

Neil Young pulls up on a motorcycle in the back warehouse area of my workplace. Behind him on the bike is my daughter. He grabs a beer out of my hand, smashes the bottle and rides off through the door.

The power and obviousness of this dream really blew me away and turned me onto dreams. Sadly I'm the same person minus the drinking problem, but I know I am holding myself back from things that are possible, not wondering.

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