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Prom with ex - Rose or no Rose?

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Hey everyone,


Im jus finsihing my exams now, and that means that prom is approaching.


First of all for all the Americans here, in Britain (Well at least in our school) we dont buy corsages for the girls as its not really a tradition we follow.


So im going to prom with my ex gf, we broke up like 6 mnths ago but we are still friends, theres a chance that we might get back together soon. I was just wondering what youe thoughts were, should i give her a rose or not? And if i should, what should i say to go with it, bearing in mind that well be picking her and a friend up from her house in a limo and i dont want anythin too corny because her paretns will prob b there, and they dont know me or even that we went out before.


Any input appreciated,

Many Thanks


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Hey LiveStrong, (I have the wrist band 8) )


How are your exams going? I'm doing them too I have 6 left so good luck with yours!!


As for the prom I reckon you should buy her a rose and give it to her and say "I thought you might ike this" It's sweet and will make her feel special that made an effort to do so,


good luck!



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Wow that sounds exactly like what happened between my and my 'high school sweetheart'. Were together for about 7 or 8 months, apart for about 5 months when he decided he wanted to take me to prom, two weeks after prom, told me he wanted me back. Ahhh the memories..


But yeah! Go for it. Get her a rose, some flowers...go all out! You say you may be getting back together, and besides it's the Prom !!

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Ok so ill get her a rose, but theres 2 times to give it to her, Before and i know this will sound weird but after prom. Let me explain.


During the last dance im goin to ask if i can speak with her outside after it finishes because theres a lot of stuff i feel i need to say to her in case we dont end up going to the same college and thereforeeee i might not see her again. Im basically gunna say how the great the last 2 years have been and that im glad i got to know her and shes been a great friend to me and all that stuff and thanks for a wonderful night etc. I was thinking of giving her the rose at this point after sayin thankyou etc. And then i was going to ask if she can see any future for us as a couple again if we do end up going to the same college.


Do you guys think that it would be best to give it to her when ive suggested above, or before the whole thing starts. I was just wondering cus tht seemed like a good idea to me.




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