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Love Making on the Beach

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This is a poem based on a romantic encounter I thought up around this time last week. Its not real, but I wish it was...


My girl sleeps securely and unattached

On a moon white sheet in a caravan by the beach

I arouse her and open up the door latch

There are some things that I have to teach

We sit in the ocean together

She is in my lap

I hold her around her stomach forever

I know my love is a trap

Then I tell her how beautiful she is

And how every guy who knew her would want her

In the wind her hair begins to fizz

And the moon and stars watch over what is about to occur

We build a fire and eat some smores

We have sex and she know how much I love her

She asks for more and more

Then I put a blanket on her to keep her warm and to cover her

I take her back to our caravan at 3am

She sleeps soundly, thinking that everything that has happened was just a dream

She sleeps and dreams

And dreams....

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Lol, yeh, ive read ur poem,.. sounds quite romantic, but there's an element of sadness in it because all your lovemaking is only dream to her,. but its real to you. Leads to me think of someone who is infatuated with another person.... The rhythm is a bit jerky i would say,.. but overall its a good read.

keep at it!


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I understand that my poem is a bit jagged, but thats because I really wanted every line to rhyme. For me, I always write poems that rhyme, so sometimes my thoughts and sentense structure are less that what I could have made them. But rhyme is essential to me for my poems.


I wrote this poem after going to dance class, which I find very romantic. I went to dance class last night and I once again had some ideas for a romantic poem, but I am too busy to write them down today. I am going to start the poem on Thursday.

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LOL, do I have a beautiful mind? People who know me know I can be very romantic, but also very stubborn and arrogant at times, other times blaming people for their bad situations, other times helpful, other times nice and caring, other times angry and vengeful. I am all these things!!!


Lol. Well, there's so much out there to respond to. Even the kindest person has their moments of true anger or whatever other 'less beautiful' emotions. What I meant was, the person you want to be. Because, the person we want to be is a big part of what makes us who we are. You know? We're all going to react to things...have our 'ugly' moments or what have you. We all have our flaws (that's for darned sure). But, all of that stripped away. When it just comes to the level of you and your thoughts, it's really beautiful. Not everyone really ever gets down and into all of that. Takes the time to look at the person they want to be, the life they want to live, the love they truly want to have. Also, when you go through and read this, almost all of this that you have envisioned as your 'perfect' experience...well, it's almost entirely about how you're making the OTHER person happy. And that sort of selflessness I find particularly beautiful.


Anyway. Short answer: Yes. You do have quite a beautiful mind as I see it.



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