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our friend and the EX

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I met my ex gf through a mutual friend of ours. When the ex and I were going out she would invite our friend along with us because she didn't want him to feel left out.We use to go camping together and do bike or ski trips together , all 3 of us.She never did these things with her friend before I met her.


Now we are broken up for a year now , they still do all these things together but don't ask me if I want to go. If I notice that they are not around on a weekend I'll ask my friend where he was. He tell me was busy , but later I find out that they went camping. This really hurts , I don't know if I should say anything or not. Now I am the one that is being left out.


I know she is an ex but I would like to be friend still and as far as my friend he probally thinks that by not telling me he is sparing my feelings. Anyway, I dont know if I should be mad , hurt or just forget about the two of them.

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