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should I not care

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this is kinda trivial, but still it bothers me. Everytime I call my bf on the weekends he never answers his calls. He says he is busy playing games on the internet with his son. He calls me twice a week from work and that is about it. He also has three weeks of vacation this summer from work and plans on spending all this time with his son and not with me. Am I being selfish because I want to spend more time with him? and we have never been on a vacation together.

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how long have you been together?

if he is the non custodial parent of his child you really can't begrudge him wanting all of his vacation time catching up with his son.


maybe you guys should talk about what you need in the relationship, maybe you should be dating other people as well, two phone calls a week does not sound like a very fulfilling relationship

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Ditto to all that punchy said.


Next, erm... how long have you two been together? Is he really playing videogames on weekends, or is he potentially with someone else? Just a thought. You either have a cheater, or a video-game addict, which is fine if the man you are dating is 18, but if he's like in his late 30s.... he should... uh.... get a life.


Why don't you two spend part of the weekend together?

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This does not sound like much of a relationship to me - two calls a week (from work when he can't give much time nonetheless) and not even a word from him on the weekends? When do you see him?


Yes he should spend time with his son, without a doubt. The parent-child relationship IS important, but if he is not making time for you it does not sound like you are much of a priority.


What do you get out of this relationship to make it worth staying if he chooses games over you for example? It does not sound like he puts much of a priority on your relationship - if this is the case I don't see this going long term, or at least not being healthy.

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