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Should I approach him at work? Ask him out?

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Well then...


There's this guy I like. I met him only once and I THINK he was flirting with me a little. He gave me a coupon for half off pizza where he worked. I'm not working at the store I was at when I met him, would it be weird to go to HIS work and ask him out?


Or should I just forget it? I don't even knowif he was a g/f or not. I FIGURED since he was in a movie store on a friday night at 9pm in his work uniform, getting a Star Wars game for him and his roommates, the answer is probably no....


... people've asked ME out at work and I was horribly embarrassed and said no. All I can hope is that all people are not like me.

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What's the best way to chance another meeting with him? I can't work at that store anymore (hour cutbacks) and I'm not sure if he's a delivery boy or works the kitchen.


Do you think he gave me the coupon as part of flirting?


He wanted a videogame. It was out.

"So does that mean I get it free?"


"... or am I just pushing my luck?"

"Well.... we here at ______ LOOOVE pizza, and we are also very susceptible to bribery."

He goes into his wallet and picks out a coupon. "Do you like cheesesticks?"


"Don't like cheesesticks? Then...." hands me a 2-for1 coupon.

"Oh, heheh, I can't accept that, don't worry about it"

"Oh it's okay, I want you to have it"


And I haven't seen him since.

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