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strip clubs

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hey just wondering what everyone thinks of strip clubs. How would you feel if your boyfriend went occasionally to a strip club? Guys, What do you think of strip clubs...just how entertaining do you find it to be? Has it effected your relationships?

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I dunno if they effect a relationship. The only time I've been to one was after I got out of a relationship. I don't see why it should.... I wouldn't sleep with the dancer, just there to watch and look at other women. Guys do that - it's in our genetic make-up to look. Only modern society puts a leash on us.


If I had a girlfriend and she "looked" I'd be fine with it. She's only human.

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I guess it all depends on the kind or relationship You and your boyfriend has..There is no harm in going to a strip club, but if u have mixed feelings do what I did with my husband. Went out one night with some friends and actually checked out a strip bar just to see what it is like..It wasnt all that bad, but maybe you would feel more at ease if u actually went to one to do a check it out thing..

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A once in awhile visit to a strip club? I could care less. If my bf was going frequently (more than once a month or so) then I might care, but that would mostly be because then it would be cutting into time we could spend together.


Oddly enough bf and I had this conversation just last night.

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I totally agree with Minty, I even occasionally go to the strip club with my guy, however when I was married and husband would go frequently (and come home smelling like perfume) I did eventually put my foot down, I told him if he wanted to go and watch so badly that he should not be surprised if one of the times he went it was me in the stage, (because I am a bit ballsy, he didn't doubt I would for an instant- never went again)

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There was a post about this not too long ago, and it got quite out of hand so hopefully this one does not!


I *personally* see nothing wrong with a boyfriend of mine going occasionally to the strip club - for bachelor parties or whatever. Since I have been with my boyfriend, he has gone once when he was on a business trip to Florida with his boss and a couple coworkers and was completely upfront and honest about it. I have dated guys in past who would go maybe 3-4 times a year or so, and still that was okay with me. If a partner was going every week or so, and made it part of his lifestyle that would probably bother me, especially if it was interfering with our life together. I would definitely NOT permit lap dancing though or touching, etc (there are rules against that in most areas, but some places it still happens).


I have been to a couple strip clubs in the past with guy friends, and I guess I just was not offended by them or anything, sure there were girls dancing but honestly they were not usually "that" attractive (and a lot of fakeness)..though some girls put on a good show! In my opinion it was more "hanging out" than anything else. We sat around having beers and talking, and they looked at girls every now and then, but were not sitting there ogling them. Sure there were some guys who WERE, but it appeared they were regulars anyway.


It all comes down to trust, and how well you know your guy, and what is acceptable for you and what is not acceptable.


There is more risk of cheating etc if your guy goes to a regular bar then a strip club in my opinion. Sure there are some clubs guys pay extra for "extra" but if your guy was like that, you would likely know ahead of time...and it would not be just strippers he was getting extras from likely. I think to label anyone that goes to a club as "out to get some" is unfair and not accurate.


Of course, if it DOES bother you there is nothing wrong with that either, just make sure you and your partner are on the same level and in agreement on that, or there may be a lot of friction when the subject comes up when he tells you about his buddy's stag night at a club...

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ok, i think it depends on the situation. I used to BEG my ex to go out with the guys, go to bars, go to strip clubs, anything to get him out of the house. He always sat at home and didn't have any fun. He always came up with some excuse not to go out, then he'd sit at home and mope cuz all his friends were out. One day I called up his friend and asked him to just drop in and pick my boyfriend up and take him to the strip club. I knew once he was out he'd enjoy himself. He did, and appreciated my effort to get him out. I guess my point is, I knew that when they went out to the strip club, it was more about having beers and hanging out with the guys then watching the dancers, and either way it's not any worse than watching a porn. I think that if you have trust in your man, you wouldn't have a problem with him going to these places because in all reality, it's you that he's coming home to at night and you that he is with.... there has to be a reason for that, right? I think girls get too jealous sometimes and forget that strip clubs are more about having guy time then actually watching the girls... sure they're there and it's fun to look at them or whatever, but it's more about just being out and being a guy I think. My guy used to tell me that he could never get me off his mind when he was at places like that, or at the bar. I'd meet him up at a bar after he'd been there for a while, and the minute I'd walk in, the bartenders would be like "oh, so you're laura!" and he'd been pouring his heart out to these strangers telling them how much in love he was.... it just shows that if you give your guys freedom they'll appreciate it, and appreciate you alot more...

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I personally dont see anything wrong with strip clubs, I have gone to them when I have been in relationships and when I was single. I dont consider lap dances cheating or even touching to be cheating, so I have no issues with that. If a female I was seeing want to go to a strip club or anything of that nature I wouldnt mind.


I would say that my strip club frequency varies from time to time, could be twice a week or once every two months. In my experience strip clubs are just another environment to hang out with friends. Like anywhere you go there is going to be scenery in the background to look at. Strip clubs just seem to have more of a topless/naked element.

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I dont consider lap dances cheating or even touching to be cheating, so I have no issues with that.


As I said in my post I don't have anything against strip clubs, but do draw a line myself at lap dances and touching, maybe there are other women who would not.


Just curious if you ever talked to your committed partners about your views on this, and what their views were? If for example they did see lap dances and touching as cheating, how would you respond to that? Would you not have them, or still go ahead with it as you don't see it as cheating? Would you tell her or not?

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He came right out and told me he went. I know that he has gone to those places before but not on a regular basis, maybe 2 or 3 times a year. I acted as though it didn't bother me although the thought of it sorta did. I guess I really don't care too much as long as he's not getting any sexual favors. I also don't mind the lap dance thing too much, even though he said he didn't get one. As long as he isn't touching her and she is only touching him. HE told me he would take me with him next time, and I agreed to go. I'm glad he just came out and told me he went ...he even acted a wee bit nervous about telling me. It made me feel a whole lot better about it.

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I just don't think that the guy I am seeing really thinks those women are Quality...they are purely eye candy...not the kind of girls you'd bring home to mom, or want to spend all your time with. That being said...I'm pretty ok with it. He's young and successful, talented and most importantly he enjoys his life. He is a good person in every way I have observed. If he acted like a pig around and to women I would probably feel very diferently about the whole thing. In fact, I probably wouldn't be dating him. I respect him...and to put a chain on him would severely damage the good thing we've got going...so that's about it.

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Strip clubs are a waste of time and money. I could understand single people going, but people in relationships going I simply cannot fathom.



Totally agree with this. If I am in a relationship why would I want to go look at other ,usually unattactive women. Also $7 for a beer, what a waste.

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