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Date 2morrow, need sum help

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Me and this girl have met befor..but i was with a friend and cousin and it wasnt to intimate. She told me she was very interested in me, and i told her im interested in her... Weve talked on the phone every day, and at night we usualy talk a long time, like 4-5 hours till 4am. I call her during my break at work and we like talking to each other.. I know she would like to go out with me, ( be my girlfriend) i want to be her boyfriend to hehe, but i wanna get to know her personality which i think ive done talking to her on the phone all these days.. 2morrow we scheduled a date to the mall at 12:30 pm till 5 cuz she has to go to sum appointment thing or w/e.. i also hafta go to work ..


Anyways, as for tomorrow what should i do? I kind of want to make it offical i suppose, were gona see a movie and walk around.any ideas?

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Whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaa *raises STOP sign*


Don't you think you're moving a bit too fast on the g/f thought? She sounds a great person but if you want to get to know her, date her few times and see how things go...you wouldn't want to make it official before you get to know her do you?


As far as doing something, talk about anything you two share interest and keep it fun! Good luck!

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Piece of advice...


wonderful as it feels to talk for hours.. don't!!


sounds like odd advice? If you like this girl and you want to keep seeing her don't deal all your cards at once...


Let her get to you know slowly, let her be curious about you, want to know more... you have plenty of time to get to know each other so enjoy it....


good luck!

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