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Not sure what keeps me going...

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I can think of so many reasons to be sad and so few to be happy.


-I just graduated from college and I can't find a new job.

-My current job is depressing and I have been working there to get myself through college but I am almost at my wit's end.

-None of the men I've ever liked have ever really liked me back.

-I'm 24 without ever having had a "real" boyfriend

-I've never been on a date

-I don't have enough friends. They say being around others helps but most days when I am not at work I find myself sitting at home alone in my room, bored out of my mind.

-The friends that I do have aren't that close and they don't share my interests.

-I'm too shy and people overlook me.

-Something must be wrong with me because I never get attention from decent guys.

-I have no one to talk to about my problems. No one understands what I am going through.

-All I want is a new job and a new place to live, so I can start over and try to find happiness.


I wish one thing in my life were going my way. I should be happy that I have a great family, a house to live in, food on my table and clothes on my back, but I must be greedy because it's not enough for me. You might say that I'm not the only one suffering, which is true. But it seems everyone around me has at least on thing going for them. My friends, for example, do not have their ideal jobs but they have a significant other in their lives to give them some happiness. I have nothing. I sometimes cry myself to sleep.


Okay, perhaps I'm one of those people that is not supposed to ever be in love. Okay, I can accept that but if that's the case I'd at least like to have a job that monopolizes all of my time, so I don't have a chance to think about how lonely I am. Everyday I apply for 2 or 3 jobs. I've probably applied for at least 40 by now and nothing. I just don't know what keeps me going...

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hmmm sounds to me like what your searching for isnt exactly material things. Thats what you want on the outside and think that they will make you happy but on the inside all you want is love and to be loved. I was like that and know a bunch of people that were like that and they all found a solution and that was Church and coming to know Jesus..Sound kinda off topic and even a little crazy but hey why not give it a try you might find out that that feeling of emptyness that you feel will go away and you wont stay up at night wondering why your life is like this. Aight later email me at email removed just tell me in the subject that your from this enotalone thing ok

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Well looking at your post you have a lot to be thankful for. You just finished college. Congratulations that will help you in numerous ways throughout your life. You have a job. So at least for now your financial needs are being met. If you finished college there should be recruiters you could meet with, speak with someone at the school to see what information they have in relation to your degree.


As for friends, when your involved in activities that interest you you make friends. You can invite them over, meet up for something. Yes you may get rejected once in a while, but more often than not those people are just as lonely as you are. Reach out.

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What's your career goals and what qualifications do you have. Have you had many interviews? If no, then your resume may need some work. It may be a good idea to see someone specializing in writing resumes and helping people through interviews.


Try joining some activity, such as a church as esh suggests, or something like my hobby which is community theatre.You don't have to act if you don't want to, there a many backstage jobs, but you meet new people, have a fun time and have interesting challenges. many people in my theatre group met their significant other at this group or other ones. If that doesn't appeal, try something similar - any group activity will do.

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Thanks for the advice everyone. I graduated with two degrees, one in Spanish and one in International Business. I plan on continuing my education (with a masters or law degree) but have been looking for a position to work for a year or two to pay off some things and give me a break from school. I haven't decided exactly what I want to do with my life, and right now I am looking for anything from management positions to sales and administrative positions.


Before I graduated I met with a career counselor that helped me with my resume and said good luck finding a job. They didn't do much. I've had one job interview so far, but you are right DN, maybe I should use the interview practice service that my university offers.


I do attend church, but my church is rather small and there are few activities to participate in (and few....well, no one my age there). As for other activities, community theatre is a neat idea. I never thought of that and am not sure if my city has anything like that. It might be worth looking into. My shyness might get the best of me, though. One thing I really want to start is martial arts. I think maybe that could help me find some peace of mind. I have been hesitating starting a new activity because I have the hope that I will find a job (away from here), so starting something now and possibly building relationships with people might be a waste if I have to leave soon.

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You sound just like me:


- graduated college and can't find a job; get the interviews but never leads anywhere

- 22 with no girlfriend, date and a total of 1 girl whos liked me back

- few friends; prefer to be by myself but even when I'm around people don't usually have much in common.

- shy and overlooked

- no one to talk to and no one who really understands my problems


It's hard, isn't it? And it doesn't make you feel better to think that other people have it worse or that you have good things in your life. That just makes you feel worse because you get mad at yourself for feeling so down when you suppossedly shouldn't be.


I'm trying to get out of it too. Just have faith that someday all the struggle will be worth it. You'll have a job that you'll be happy in. You'll find someone who understands you. All the hurt will be worth it because you will be loved and appreciated for who you are. Nothing is wrong with you, you've just got a bad draw in the luck area. But you are strong, life doesn't present situations you can't handle, and that fact that you have to handle so much shows how strong of a person you are.


If you want to talk, pm me and I'll be glad to help you out. Remember, the thing that keeps us going is what keeps us all going... hope for something better...

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