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Masterbating better then actual sex ?!?! Help!!

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in the past 2 weeks, me and my bf had only had sex once until yesterday, so I had 'gotten used' to playing with myself. We had sex twice since yesterday, and well....I don't know why, but sex didn't seem to feel as good as when I was playing with myself( this is the 1st time that sex doesn't feel better, usually it's wonderful....). I am confused! I couldn't even orgasm, which I usually do with no problem.( I obviously haven't said anything to my bf about this, I'm pretty sure ot's not something that he would like to hear...lol)

Anyone know what is going on here? Any advice?

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first of all its normal to find masturbation more pleasing than sex because you get to know EXACTLY how to touch where to touch and everything else. so dont feel bad, and i wouldnt tell your bf either but i think you could just simply start masturbating infront of him. let him watch you, and maybe he could observe...

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