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The Law and Suicide

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Could someone please tell me what the law is on suicide and if it is the same in the U.K?


If I sadly was unable to complete my suicide and someone found out would they have to report me to authorities?


Thought this might be handy in helping others realise how serious suicide is.



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i think in america, suicide is illegal- i read somewhere that since american laws are based on a judaeo-christian system, and the bible considers suicide a sin, suicide is illegal in our country


why are you considering suicide? its not the answer, we're all here to help

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how could you possibly not finish suicide? its been a question that has baffled me since i knew what suicide was... i dont understand it... if ur gonna kill urself then go ahead and kill urself... dont mess around and screw it up... now im not trying to condone suicide or trying to justify it or make it right in any way... but im saying that if you actually allow urself to mess up while committing suicide then you must not really want to die anyways... i wish someone could answer this question for me... its bugging me every time i look at this suicide forum... i dont understand why people would want to commit suicide in the first place... its a rather permanent solution to a surely temporary problem... but whatever i guess... what i say doesnt matter... im not God

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Raiders: my thoughts exactly. Suicide thoughts/talk/attempts are a cry for help.


So you call this a cry for help? Taking so many painkillers and drinking so much alcohol that you go passed the overdose limit and your body rejects it which resulted in me violently vomitting and permanently scarring my throat. You don't have a clue what I'm going through. I wanted to know the laws against it. Did I say I was planning a failed attempt?...NO!

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Raider and SimoneTiger, this is exactly why we don't want people advocating suicide or telling others to just "go ahead". I wish I had seen your posts earlier so I could have removed them. Both of you should get yourselves educated before posting something like that.


lost in life I apologize on behalf of the forum. If I can help you in any way, please let me know or post here.

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It seems to me that the issue that is important, at least on this forum, is not whether people are successful in committing suicide or not; but why anyone would contemplate attempting it in the first place. I have no idea whether this forum has ever actually forestalled or prevented a suicide or an attempted suicide, but the mere chance that it might is reason enough for the forum to exist and for people to try, through their concern and advice, to help.


The fact that someone may fail the first time, for whatever reason, does not mean that they may not succeed the second or subsequent times. Anything that we can do to help should be done.


"No man is an island, entire of itself...any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and thereforeeee never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee." John Donne

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look lost in life... i realize you arent and wouldnt PLAN a failed attempt... that would be ludacris. the only reason someone would ever do that is to get attention. im simply saying that if you ALLOW yourself to fail in suicide then you obviously didnt want to die badly enough to investigate the best way to kill yourself and didnt realize the obvious which was that your body isnt going to let you keep all the medical drugs and alchohol in your system. if you really wanted to die like that then you wouldve found out what amounts your body could keep in the system yet not handle well enough to survive. but to me that seems like a rather violent way to die.


im not saying that you planned a failed attempt and im sorry i turned your topic into one of my own and that i offended you. I honestly didnt mean for my post to be directed towards you but towards suicide in general. i honestly dont think there is a legal penalty for someone who had tried to commit suicide... how could there be? most of the time the penalty for committing suicide is death (obviously) and they cannot possible punish a dead person in this physical world. so i dont think you could be punished at all... you might however get a court order to make you see a counselor or have you go to an assylum or something...


once again i am sorry to have offended you but that is my opinion on the matter and you wont ever be able to change it... and to the moderater... why would you ever want to delete a post that is simply an opinion... it didnt say anything bad about any other poster in particular, there were no profane words or anything. all it said was that if someone is going to commit suicide and they are setting their mind to doing that one thing then they should just go and do it... i dont think its the right thing to do but honestly if they are going to look for help then they dont want to die in the first place and i have no respect for them. all they are being is sheep for following the easy road and dogs for putting their tails between their legs and cowaring down. i am not saying that i DO have respect for the people that dont look for help either because i have no respect for anyone who thinks their life is so bad that they need to end it... my point of view i know isnt everybodys but it is mine... and it is that God doesnt dish out anything more than you can handle to you... everyone remember that because when you think that you cant take any more God is behind you saying "i know you can handle this and so much more, you are a strong person, DO NOT END YOUR LIFE!!!"


i know this is long lol and im sorry for that.... but one more thing is i know you all will hate me for this (the people who have or might have been contemplating suicide) but that is where i stand. and my GF has tried to commit suicide too... she doesnt talk about it but i have told her where i stood on the situation and she actually agrees with me... she thinks its as dumb or dumber than what i think of it...

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Raider, I think you are missing the important aspect of all this. We can't know the real motivation behind an attempted suicide. You can guess that it was a cry for help rather than real, or you can guess it was simply a failed attempt and the person may succeed next time. But there is no way you can know for sure, especially in a forum like this. And this is too important an issue for guesswork. So it always makes much more sense to assume that the person who is posting means it and deal with it on that basis.


In any case, some problem, or problems, is driving the person to either kill themselves or attempt it. It is the problem/s that need to be addressed and an attempt made to solve them in a more constructive and life-saving or life-altering way. Allowing someone to talk or vent on here can really help someone to do that as can offering suggestions.


The Rev. Chad Varah started the Samaritans in a church basement in London as a suicide hotline. My aunt was a volunteer for some years. They were trained not to criticise or condemn, or to make the sort of comments that you have made in your post - because they don't help - ever. And the whole point of the Samaritans, and of this forum, is to help.

The sort of questions you raise may be ok to raise in an abstract discussion when people are not personally wrestling with these issues, - but are of no use to a person who is troubled.

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Let me put it this way:


If you saw a person clinging precariously over a bridge threatening to jump - would you suggest that they are not serious about jumping because if they were they would already have jumped and thereforeeee they must only be crying for help?


Would you take the risk that your assumption about their state of mind would perhaps be the final thing necessary for them to let go?


Or would you take them seriously and try to help them by persuading them not to jump?

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