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Wow ... disappointment!

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I was on another online site - not a dating site, but a discussion board - and noticed this one guy who was very smart. He had responded to one of my posts and complimented me on what I said. So being a curious person I looked up other posts he's made and started to think, "Wow, this guy's really interesting! (Unlike most of the guys I happen to know.)"


I've been reading and enjoying his posts for a short while now, and just tonight I found a "profile" feature on the site, so I looked up his profile. You know what? He's MARRIED!!! Major disappointment. This is the first guy I've thought "wow" about in awhile.


Just makes me wonder again when I'll find Mr. Right... Oh well...bummer...

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Hmm, good point, sidehop. Guess I could ask, couldn't I? I am assuming he's married, though he's never posted about that topic one way or another...


I remember someone here at eNotalone once chose the wrong gender sign. That was pretty funny...

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That's the way it usual works, right? The good ones are always taken or just want to be friends. Not fair, but you have to keep trying.


That you might like these song lyrics since they seem to fit:


"But it's true what they say about good men

They're either gay, married, or just wanna be friends

Makes a girl feel like crying"


"So Close"

Rachel Proctor

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