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should i give her the necklace now or not

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ok here is my problem, five months ago i met the girl of my dreams, she is what i have been looking for all my life, i love everything about her, she is beautiful both on the inside and the outside. and it is all going perfect the only problem is i leave for navy boot camp in a week and a half. her birthday is right in the middle of my boot camp, so i got her a nice necklace for her birthday. and i would like some advice on wether i should give it to her before i leave or if i should give it to her parents and have them give it to her on her birthday, another option is give it to MY parents and they said they would give it to her on her birthday. i kinda want to see the look on her face, i don't know if giving it to her now would be too soon for her birthday


any tips or help would be appreciated thanks

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I think you should give it to her before you leave. That way, you can see the expression on her face and remember that expression while you're away from her. I also think she would appreciate it coming from you than someone else such as her parents, or the FedEx guy.

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ok chai714 here is another thing i just thought of, my sister's husband is in the national guard, and when he was deployed he gave her a little teddy bear that she could remember him by when he was gone, and my sister thought that meant more to her than the other give he got her. so i have a little navy teddy bear im going to give her the day before i leave, so do you think i should give the necklace to her that same day or sooner than that just so she doesn't feel bombarded with gifts

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Here's what you should do . . .


get her the navy teddy bear AND put the necklace around the neck of the navy teddy bear ( like he's wearing it ) . This works best because if feels like you're giving her ONE gift instead of TWO ( this way she won't feel bombarded with gifts ) and it makes the gift ( the gester ) even more special !


You should give it to her YOURSELF. It does not matter if it's not on her birthday . If anything, it kind of works out better this way . She will be swamped with gifts on her B - Day anyways ! You giving her your gift earlier means your the only one giving her a gift on that day ! IMHO it means she will remember your gift even more !


Good Luck MAN ! ! ! and let us know how it turns out . . .

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thats a really good idea randy, but then should i give her the bear and necklace the day before i leave or sooner than that


i would give it to her on the day you leave ( kind of want it to be the last image she has of you until you come back right ! ) . . . it would be nice when you give it to her if you two are alone . . . be prepared for a possible kiss haha . . .



Also when you put the necklace on the teddy bear try to make it a bit difficult ( JUST A LITTLE BIT NOW ) ! to notice the necklace . We want her to see the teddy first then the Necklace !


Good luck MAN . . .

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