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ok need help for tomorrows event!!!

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ok tomaro thers this girl ive been bonding wit an dme and her r good friends but c the thing is i like her ad i want to kiss her...... one big prablem.... the thing is shes no typical girl. she takes kung fu loves the fact that she can beet the crap outa most guys and the scary thing is shes only like 5-5 and 100 pounds...... lol. but ya and shes not really into the dating thing couse shes ever had a relationship, has never liked anyone saposdly and doesnt think anyones cute..... ya but i really wanna kiss her.... and well i dont know how to like get her into the mood or what with out he rthinking i like her just like a friend kiss. any ideas on how to set the mood, ask her questions, any way to get her to kiss me, i know u guys will prabably say "its impossible to get somone to do anything" but any ways to get her inot the mood and like want it kinda idk



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well the first time my girlfriend and i went on a date it was fun we had a great evening and as i was getting ready to leave we were sitting in my car just looking at each other and i really wanted to kiss her, and i kinda just looked at her and we slowly got closer and we kissed, so the moral of this story is when the time is right it will happen, and just one thing, only do it if you really want to other wise she will kick the holy crap out of you

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