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ex called for stupid reason, I call and she's acting weird

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Well, I called my ex today after 2 months of NC. I told her not to call me anymore so I could heal and she didn't like that and was mad, but she respected my wishes.


I called her today because she left a message on my machine last night saying she has 2 of my movies, she sounded very bitter on the message. So I was like okay I'm going to call her cause she obviously wants me to since she called about some stupid movies. I called, got her voicemail, left a message saying I got her message and hung up. 2 min later I get a call from her # but it is a guy saying if I dialed this #, and I said yes. So then he gives the phone to my ex and I say hey, I got your message and thank you for my movies, blah, blah. Right away she said she will put the movies under my door mat, and I need to leave her $2 under there for her to pick up because I ran her school ID out of money, which was like months ago.


She then said she would have given the movies to our neighbor (my ex and I live in the same apt. complex) but he told her I was never home. That is a lie, she never talked to him. She knows I'm never home because she still comes around here everyday (she has been staying with her boyfriend 85% of the time). She mentioned the fact I'm never home several times, like she has wanted to know where I've been. I didn't say anything.


She is very bitter toward me now, but why call me if she's going to act like this. I had to do NC 2 months ago to heal, but I waited till she called me to call her, I have tested the waters and they are bitter.


Then she told me she had to go because her boyfriend wanted to talk to her. If she was ever dating anyone before I started NC she always implied whoever she was dating as her "friend," now it's boyfriend.


So why did she call me if she's going to act like this? What does she want?

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Take the high road here. Resume NC with her. Her putting her alleged boyfriend on the phone is high school stuff. If she wants to be an adult and deal with you directly, she should. When you told her not to call you anymore, it cut off an option in her life. This causes some amount of fear, followed by anger. Her being angry at you gives her an illusion of control. Anger boosts her ego, yet it's a false sense of empowerment. Her having her boyfriend call you was supposed to be her way of emotionally retaliating toward your NC'ing her.


Ignore any near future attempts at her contacting you. Heal up, and decide whether or not you want any future relationship with her. This time right now though, is about you. Take this time, be selfish, heal up, then you can decide what you want from there. Remember, YOU are in control.

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you will never know, and it isnt really important. The more you think about it the moe she had power over you. Let it go. I know it is hard, but people react diffrently to every situation.


Dont call her, acknowledge what hse did, leave it be.


I cant believe she asked you for two dollars.... what is that all about???




Stay strong and take care of you..

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Who knows why she is angry? I believe, she wants to know what your up to but doesn't want to get back together with you. Let her give you the movies, you give her the $2 and then there is no need for further communication. By calling her back you just gave her the power back, now she probably thinks you still want her.


DON'T RESPOND TO HER! IT'S NOT WORTH PUTTING YOURSELF IN EMOTIONAL TURMOIL. You said you were healing, now you are back to stage one again.

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If she is calling you then I would say that she is having doubts about her decision to end her relationship with you and that she probably misses you. I think this is true about 99% of the time when the dumper calls the dumpee after the break up. When they can't handle their feelings of doubt and guilt, they pick up the phone can call. When they get a less than enthusiastic response...well guess what? Their doubts and guilt just increased! Then they will start wondering big time what you are up to.


However, she is definitely playing games with you. She most likely used teh movies as an excuse to contact you. My ex of 4 months still has a few of my movies and cds, and a couple of little things she knows I would probably want to have back. She has made no attempt at returning them??? 2 weeks ago she called me and didnt leave messages too. I havent called her back. Not sure if you should take her claim of having a b/f seriously....that too may be a ploy.


Don't call her back...let her miss you until she comes back begging! That's if you want her back at all.

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