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what does it mean??

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The term is generally used to mean when you have sexual intercourse with a virgin girl. Originally I guess it meant that you had "popped her cherry" or hymen.


Many girls by the time they get to that point don't have hymens as they managed to "break it" when younger by eiher bashing themselves on the top tube of their bicycle, or in a kick in sports, or with tampons, fingering, masturbation and so on. Also hymens vary in thickness, and in density - they usually have holes in them to allow menstrual fluid to pass (if they don't, they need surgery to correct this) which can also stretch and not "break" even first time you have sex. Some of them break very easily, some are very difficult to do so, leading to painful and frustrating sexual encounters until they consult a doctor and often get surgery to fix the problem.

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